OPINION: Listen to our complaints, BBC – stop ruining Friday night TV with repeats!

10 Mar 2023, 17:57

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After a long week, there’s nothing better than watching some great telly on a Friday evening, so as the complaints pour in, why isn’t the BBC providing any?

For the second week in a row, since the most recent series of Death in Paradise ended, a repeat episode will be shown tonight (March 10).

This week it’s an old Ardal O’Hanlon episode with DI Mooney that first aired back in 2018.

Does the BBC really not have anything better to air on a Friday at 9pm?

I want something better in the slot – and viewers have been making the same complaint as me too…

Ardal O’Hanlon is back as DI Mooney this week… in a repeat episode (Credit: BBC)

Why is the BBC showing Death in Paradise repeats on a Friday night?

Death in Paradise fans will know that the show usually takes the Friday 9pm slot, but with series 12 ending in February, there are no new episodes to go out.

You’d think that’s where the BBC would use the spin-off show, Beyond Paradise, to fill the slot – but it hasn’t.

While the BBC hasn’t confirmed the reason, I can only presume it’s because Beyond Paradise has been made for the earlier slot, being a little bit more lighthearted (and pre-watershed friendly) than its predecessor.

But I can’t understand why the BBC hasn’t put something better and harder-hitting in the slot than Death in Paradise repeats.

Last Friday night another (very) old episode of Death in Paradise from series seven aired.

It left me – and plenty of viewers at home – confused and pretty annoyed.

Beyond Paradise viewers are confused by the show’s 8pm slot (Credit: BBC)

Viewers can’t understand the repeats: ‘An unfathomable decision’

Plenty of viewers questioned why the Death in Paradise repeats were shown last week.

One viewer wrote: “Why didn’t they just start Beyond Paradise once Death in Paradise had finished?

“Confusing putting in a repeat at 9. Bit pants.”

We’re ultimately paying our license fee – can’t they pay us back with some good Friday night TV?

Another viewer added: “An unfathomable decision. Launch it week one before the final Death in Paradise, then move it up to 9.”

A third person ranted: “Why is this episode a repeat? Very disappointing.”

A fourth confused viewer wrote: “Strange having 8pm hour so strong but then having repeats of old Death in Paradise at 9pm?

“Why not move Casualty to Fridays at 9pm or something? No need to start the evening strong and then show repeats!”

In a time of streaming, the BBC should be doing better than repeats

Ultimately, if the BBC doesn’t want to put Beyond Paradise if the 9pm slot, it should at least find something else, something new.

If there’s nothing good on TV, most of us are just going to put something on from a streaming service.

We’re ultimately paying our license fee – can’t they pay us back with some good Friday night TV?

Competing channels have new dramas and entertainment shows at 9pm on Fridays.

Channel 4 has Gogglebox and ITV has Britbox’s original Hotel Portofino on.

Surely the BBC should be able to come up with an entertainment show or drama to fill the slot – and it’d be great if we could watch something new!

Next week, Comic Relief will take up most of Friday evening on the BBC, so that’s something to look forward to.

Would I Lie To You is set to return the following week after that so there’s a bit of good Friday night TV returning.

Still, it’s disappointing to see the BBC ruin two Friday nights in a row with old repeats.

I just want some good TV on a Friday night – and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

ED! contacted a representative for BBC for comment.

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