Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Soap to air groundbreaking first as the men take centre stage

10 Mar 2023, 10:19

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Emmerdale spoilers tonight have revealed that the soap is to air a groundbreaking special episode for the first time in its 50-year history.

Tonight’s episode will include only the male members of the cast.

This is to raise awareness for male mental health, and encourage men to open up and talk more.

Soaps have aired all-female episodes before, but this is the first all-male line-up of an episode of Emmerdale.

This follows Paddy’s recent suicide attempt.

Realising the importance of talking to one’s friends, the men decide to stage a lock-in and air their dirty laundry.

Read our Emmerdale spoilers tonight in full below.

It’s a boys night in for the men of Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Lock-in at the Woolpack

The front doors close on the Woolpack after a day of business.

However, the men of the village decide to stay behind for a late-night lock in at the pub.

They hope to use the occasion as a forum to bond with each other talk about their problems.

But will Paddy be able to join them?

Marlon hopes that Paddy will turn up (Credit: ITV)

The doors close on the Woolpack

Among the men settling down for the lock-in are Cain, Jimmy, Liam, Bob, Charles, Sam, Nate, Marlon and Rishi.

Pouring pints after hours, the men prepare for a good night together.

They hope that Paddy will be able to join them and use the occasion to talk about his problems.

Will Paddy join the men in blowing off some steam? (Credit: ITV)

The village men talk about their troubles

As the night gets underway, the men start talking about old childhood nicknames.

They move on to discuss moments in their lives that have troubled them – and problems they need to get off their chests.

A friendly game of darts ensues.

But will Paddy have the courage to join them and seek the support he needs?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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