EastEnders spoilers: Jay cheats on Lola?

10 Mar 2023, 19:30
10 Mar 2023, 14:01

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In EastEnders spoilers for next week, Jay goes off on a night out with Ben and Callum after rowing with Lola.

Emma then sees him getting close with another woman.

Does Jay cheat on Lola in EastEnders spoilers?

Jay and Emma don’t see eye to eye (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Jay and Emma clash

Next week, Jay is desperate for Lola to go to the hospital when she zones out.

However, she decides to keep focusing on her brain tumour awareness fundraising event.

Jay then tries to persuade Lola to arrange for Lexi to have counselling.

Lola eventually agrees but she changes her mind when her mum, Emma, returns and influences her decision.

Jay’s furious with Emma’s stance and clashes with her.

He wants Lola to take it easy but Emma doesn’t agree that this is best for her daughter.

With this, Jay goes on a night out with Callum and Ben whilst Lola goes to the hospital.

Emma’s left to support Lola as she receives some heartbreaking health news.

Emma reports back to Lola (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Jay cheats on Lola?

After receiving some worrying health news, Emma decides to go and find Jay on his night out so that Lola can tell him the news.

Lola doesn’t want her to bring Jay home but Emma insists.

On his night out, a girl called Shanti hangs out with Jay after being on a hen night that she isn’t enjoying.

Emma walks in and sees Shanti and Jay getting close, rushing back home to inform Lola.

As Jay returns home, Lola confronts him and tells him to get out, thinking that he’s cheated on her.

Later on, Jay feels hurt by Lola’s accusations.

He finds out that Lola’s having an MRI scan and didn’t tell him about it.

Honey then decides to go with Jay to the hospital to support Lola.

As Jay and Lola have a deep and emotional conversation about Lola’s health, Honey tries to understand Emma’s behaviour.

But, will Lola and Jay kiss and make up?

Did Jay cheat on Lola?

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