A Place In The Sun star Jasmine Harman makes plea to fans as she shares family news following heartbreaking loss

10 Mar 2023, 17:18

A Place In The Sun, Jasmine Harman

A Place In The Sun star Jasmine Harman was left heartbroken after her puppy Astro was rushed in for emergency surgery recently.

The presenter took to social media to educate fans on the dangers of dog balls, after her five-month-old dog had swallowed one.

But this came just months after another family pet had tragically died for doing the same thing.

Jasmine Harman’s dog Astro is recovering after being rushed in for an emergency surgery (Credit: Channel 4)

A Place In The Sun star Jasmine Harman shares devastating family news

In her latest Instagram post, Jasmine revealed the tragic news that her puppy Astro had swallowed a ball, just months after the death of her dog Jet.

Luckily the vets managed to save Astro with emergency abdominal surgery.

However, the tragic incident reminded Jasmine of the loss of her other dog Jet.

Jet died last July after swallowing a ball while out walking with her friend.

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Taking to social media, Jasmine revealed the heartbreaking news and reminded her followers to use balls that are suitable for dogs.

Jasmine said: “Astro is 5 months old today; he is recovering from emergency abdominal surgery last week after swallowing a ball.

“Some of you will already know that my dog Jet died in July after choking on a ball whilst out for a walk with a friend. So, after losing one dog, and coming close to losing another I want to remind people that there are certain balls which are NOT SUITABLE for dogs. Very squashy balls can be easily swallowed.”

A Place In The Sun host Jasmine urged fans to buy anti choking balls (Credit: Channel 4)

Jasmine Harman urges fans to educate themselves on dog safety

Jasmine then went on to recall the events of her dog Astro’s horrible accident.

She added: “It happened so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to tell him to leave it. The vet said that they could not induce vomiting because he had swallowed it whole, and it could choke him on the way up. They also couldn’t let it happen naturally in case it caused an obstruction in his intestine, which could result in a ruptured bowel, another potentially fatal situation. So life-threatening surgery under general anaesthetic was the least risky option.”

The A Place In The Sun star also urged her fans to share her post to help save dogs from choking on balls that aren’t suitable for them.

Jasmine continued: “PLEASE SHARE this far and wide to educate people of the dangers and save dogs from ordeals such as this.”

Astro is 5 months old today; he is recovering from emergency abdominal surgery last week after swallowing a ball.

Many sympathetic fans flooded the comments to share their support for the presenter.

One fan commented: “So sorry to hear this, what a terrifying experience to go through again. Hoping Astro has a quick and easy recovery, let us know if you need anything.”

Another added: “Aww sorry you lost Jet, so sad. I had no idea about the balls. Thank you for speaking out about this.”

Someone else wrote: “What horrendous bad luck for this to happen again Jasmine, after such tragic circs with your other dog. Thank you for highlighting this again, and speedy recovery to Astro!”

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