Who is Suki Panesar in EastEnders? Will she be the Christmas murderer?

9 Mar 2023, 19:49

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Suki Panesar in EastEnders was talked about by her family before she was seen on screen. And when she arrived in Walford, she was even more manipulative, sharp-tongued and downright nasty than viewers had imagined.

But since then, we’ve all fallen in love with the misunderstood, mysterious mother.

And no one more than Eve Unwin, who’s smitten with her secret lover!

But with husband Nish out of prison and keeping a tight rein on poor Suki, and something pretty nasty going to happen at Christmas, is there trouble on the way for Mrs Panesar?

Suki has won over viewers – and Eve! (Credit: BBC)

Suki the mum

Suki’s children, Kheerat, Vinny and Ash are definitely wary of their mum’s quick temper and nervous about upsetting her. And poor Jags even went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit thanks to his mum – and tragically he ended up dead, leaving Suki stricken with guilt and grief.

Now it’s Kheerat who’s behind bars, while Ash has gone to Canada – having made her peace with her mum first.

And Vinny’s firmly in his dad’s pocket.

Suki is a formidable woman (Credit: BBC)

Is Suki Panesar the Christmas killer?

Last month, viewers were treated to a flash-forward in the special episode marking the 38th anniversary of EastEnders.

Six iconic female characters – Suki, Stacey, Linda, Kathy, Sharon and Denise – gathered in The Queen Vic for a lock-in where they toasted the men in their life.

“May they get what they deserve,” they said.

And then the action moved to Christmas 2023 with the women in their gladrags, staring in horror at a body on the floor.

Sharon – wearing a wedding dress (!) – bent to check the victim’s pulse and announced that he was dead.

But who is the man who’s going to meet his maker this festive season?

EastEnders viewers are convinced he could be Suki’s husband Nish.

His controlling behaviour has really stepped up a gear in the last few weeks and Suki’s clearly frightened of her husband.

But could she kill him?

We’ll find out for sure at Christmas!

Is Suki the Christmas killer? (Credit: BBC)

Suki and Eve

Sukeve, as the fans call them, have been a huge hit with the viewers! Their slow-burn romance has won over the Enders fans and everyone’s totally invested in their relationship.

And now Nish has inadvertently helped them along by sending them off to Leeds together.

But what would he do if he knew the truth about what Eve’s been up to with his wife? After all, he killed the man who he suspected of having an affair with Suki, and he’s already got Ravi keeping an eye on Mitch Baker, who’s been helping Suki out with DIY.

Sounds like trouble to us!

Fans love Sukeve! (Credit: BBC)

Who plays Suki Panesar in EastEnders?

Suki Panesar in EastEnders is played by actress Balvinder Sopal. She was an experienced theatre actress and also had roles in Coronation Street and Emmerdale – where she played three different characters – before arriving in Walford.

Balvinder was nominated for a National Television Award in the Best Serial Performance category. She said: “It is a privilege to work with a team as excellent as EastEnders, who have given me the to opportunity to play a character like Suki – a villain we all love to hate and hate to love. I absolutely adore walking in her shoes.”

Balvinder was born in 1979, making her just ten years older than Jaz Deol, who played Suki’s son Kheerat.

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