The Bay series 4: Who started the devastating house fire, and why?

8 Mar 2023, 22:02
8 Mar 2023, 10:08

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The Bay series 4 started dramatically this week, with DS Jenn Townsend called to help when a family lost their mum in episode 1.

Tragically, Beth Metcalfe was unable to escape a house fire and died – in front of her husband and children, who watched helplessly.

But is her husband innocent of any wrongdoing?

And what on EARTH is going on with DI Tony Manning?

Here are the eight burning questions after watching The Bay series 4 episode 1.

***Warning: spoilers from The Bay series 4 episode 1 ahead***

Morecambe’s MIU team were called to the scene when a young mum of four died in what seemed to be a targeted attack (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Who started the fire that killed Beth Metcalfe and why?

The most pressing question after watching The Bay series 4 episode 1 on ITV1 is who started the fire that killed Beth Metcalfe?

Was Beth the target? And, if so, why?

It seems hard to believe that anyone would want a mum-of-four dead, especially one as well liked as Beth who worked in a care home helping others.

Could Dean, who seems a bit dodgy, have been the target? And is the halfway house down the road involved?

At the moment, there are a few leads, but we’re nowhere near getting to the truth yet…

All we know is that the fire was a targeted attack by an intruder.

The Bay series 4 episode 1: Was it an insurance scam?

Of course, perhaps the most obvious conclusion to jump to is that the fire started off as an insurance scam.

Dean made it clear that his wife and children were supposed to be out enjoying a burger and a movie.

But plans changed when their daughter Amy was unwell.

We also know that the family were possibly in financial trouble.

When DS Karen Hobson visited Beth’s place of work, she learnt that Beth had been “taking extra shifts” and “working all the hours god sends”.

We also know that Dean’s business had been burgled several times recently…

Were the Metcalfe family having money troubles, and did Dean arrange for his house to be set alight knowing his family were supposed to be out?

His employee Mal Halworth was in the area at the time of the fire, and he has a criminal record, so it’s possible he started the fire.

Joe Armstrong as Dean Metcalfe in The Bay series 4 (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

What on earth is going on with DI Tony Manning?

DI Tony Manning seemed very distracted in The Bay series 4 episode 1.

Something DS Jenn Townsend and the rest of the team noticed.

Secret phone calls, mind not on the job…

It could only be – his estranged wife!

Viewers saw Tony meet up with his estranged wife Ellen (played by former Hollyoaks actress Kerrie Taylor) in a hotel room.

It didn’t take long for the pair to start kissing…

The pair were getting divorced in the last series, and she even had a new fella!

Okay, we’re happy Tony is happy, but why does that mean he has to be so crap at his job all of a sudden?

Also, does anyone else agree that Our Tone is turning into David Brent?

The Bay series 4 episode 1: What is Dean Metcalfe hiding?

Dean Metcalfe is definitely hiding something.

Even if he didn’t accidentally murder his wife in a house fire, he’s definitely a bit dodgy.

We know he has a temper, and he also owns a gun.

Jenn and the team have flagged up his behaviour, calling him “shut off and angry, rather than upset”.

At the end of The Bay series 4 episode 1, viewers saw Dean having a secret conversation on his mobile phone.

The mysterious person on the other line said to Dean: “I was sorry to hear what happened.

“I hope this isn’t going to change things.”

Dean reassured the caller that nothing had changed…

So what was that all about?

TV favourite Daniel Ryan stars as DI Manning in The Bay (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Is the fire linked to the halfway house for ex-cons and Ollie Peel?

One line of enquiry is that the halfway house for ex-cons was either the intended target of the fire, or somehow linked.

We know that “reprobate” Ozzie Peel – who we don’t meet until episode 2 – lives in the halfway house and is known to police.

In fact, Clarkie was the one to put him away.

Ozzie was in a gang who “did a tonne of burglaries in the area” but got a reduced sentence after grassing on his mates.

Is he linked to the fire, or another red herring?

The Bay series 4 episode 1: Why was Beth estranged from her family?

During the early days of the investigation, we learnt that Beth has lost touch with her family.

She has a brother, who she hasn’t seen for 10 years.

But why?

We’re hearing coercive control sirens here.

Has Dean’s controlling behaviour come between his wife Beth and their family?

Only time will tell.

Marsha Thomason as DS Jenn Townsend and Barry Sloane as Chris Fischer in The Bay (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 episode 1: Who were Col and Terry?

As Dean sank his sorrows in a pint of beer down the pub, two new characters walked in to pay their condolences.

All we know at this stage is that they’re called Carl and Terry, played by Karl Davies and Ian Puleston-Davies.

We suspect they may be part of Beth’s estranged family…

But, despite an awkward hug, there was certainly no real affection between the duo and Dean.

Hopefully we will find out more about the pair in The Bay series 4 episode 2 next week (Wednesday, March 15, 2023)

Is Jenn’s relationship in danger?

Jenn’s partner Chris Fischer seems to be the ideal man in The Bay series 4 episode 1…

He brings her pizza when she is working late, and is totally understanding about the demands of her job and the long hours she works.

However, Chris’ ex-wife Jacqui seems to have landed in their house after splitting up with her partner Dave.

Could this spell trouble for Jenn and Chris in the long run?

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The Bay continues on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 9pm on ITV1.

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