The Bay series 4: Viewers facing huge dilemma after first episode of new series

9 Mar 2023, 17:49

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The Bay series 4 began last night (March 8) as DS Jenn Townsend was assigned to help a grieving family who lost their mother.

Beth Metcalf was unable to escape a devastating house fire as her four children and husband watched on in horror.

The Bay fans all have the same theory after the first episode – that something is up with Beth’s widower, Dean.

But as the series becomes available to binge on ITVX, fans have been left with a dilemma…

DS Jenn Townsend (Marsha Thomason) was assigned to Beth Metcalf’s grieving family (Credit: ITV)

The Bay viewers all have the same theory after episode 1

It might seem like the most obvious theory, but fans can’t help but think that Dean Metcalf (Joe Armstrong) burned down his own home as part of an insurance scam.

Dean said that the family were supposed to be out enjoying burgers, and not at home.

It also seemed like the family were struggling financially as Beth had been “taking extra shifts” at the care home she worked at.

The clues led fans to think that the family home was burnt down by Dean Metcalf himself.

Jenn (Marsha Thomason) noted that he was angry and had a temper, but is that all coming from his own guilt?

He also received a mysterious phone call at the end of the episode, where he was told: “I hope this isn’t going to change things.”

Do I need to watch the rest of the series?

One fan wrote: “Early theory. The husband said I thought you lot were out. Torched it for insurance money?”

Another viewer theorised: “Watching The Bay and we think it’s Dean.

“He needs the insurance money and he thought they were going to be out that night!”

A third viewer added: “I reckon the husband got his mate, Mal, to set fire to his house, thinking his family was out, so that he could claim the insurance to help out his failing business.

“Do I need to watch the rest of the series?”

Fans have theorised that Dean Metcalf burnt the family home down himself (Credit: ITV)

The Bay series 4: Other fans think the theory is ‘too obvious’

But some fans have pointed out that all the clues that point to Dean being responsible are just too obvious.

One fan said: “Dean setting the fire… that’s what they want you to think.”

A second viewer agreed: “I don’t think Dean had any involvement in the fire.

“I feel like if it was an insurance fire he would be more devastated. Plus it’s way too obvious for it to be pointing to him, it’s only episode one.”

Someone else added: “Am I the only person guessing insurance job? Or are they making that so obvious because it’s going to be something else?”

We know that Beth had a long-lost brother who she lost contact with, so could he be the red herring?

Or did Dean really burn his own home down and kill his wife after all…

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Viewers face a dilemma as series 4 releases on ITVX

The Bay series 4 was released in one go, so fans can binge the whole series on ITVX.

But viewers are facing a dilemma as they can’t decide whether to binge the series or wait each week!

While some viewers are desperate to know if their theories are right and can’t help but binge, other fans are determined to wait until next week.

One fan wrote: “It was a fantastic series opener for series 4 of The Bay. Now, do I watch rest on ITVX, or wait till Monday at 9pm?”

Another viewer complained: “Stop putting the whole thing on ITVX! Learn from the BBC and Happy Valley!”

A third fan said: “I’m from the generation that waited and looked forward to their favourite shows every week. The Bay is on that list now.”

It’s a tough decision, but it seems like many fans have made the decision to binge it all.

One fan admitted: “If someone needs a good series: The Bay is a must! I binge-watched it from 9pm to 3am. It was amazing!”

A second fan added: “Once you watch one, knowing the next is available, you can’t resist watching more.”

The Bay continues on Wednesday March 15 at 9pm on ITV1. All episodes are available now on ITVX.

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