Police ‘deeply concerned’ for girl who claims to be Madeleine McCann as she flees to America

9 Mar 2023, 15:50

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The girl who claims she could be Madeleine McCann has fled to America, where police are said to be “deeply concerned” about her.

Julia Wandelt and her private investigator, Dr Fia Johanssen, are currently holed up at a secret location in California.

Dr Fia jetted over to Poland to collect Julia after learning that a “price” had reportedly been “put on her head”.

Celebrity psychic Dr Fia also claimed that Julia had received numerous death threats.

And, as her safety is Dr Fia’s “top priority”, she whisked Julia off to America.

Now she’s there, police are said to be taking the threats “seriously”.

Julia – the girl who claims she could be Madeleine McCann – has sparked fears from police after receiving death threats (Credit: Instagram)

Police fears for girl who claims to be Madeleine McCann

Posting on Instagram, Dr Fia claimed that she’s been in touch with the police over the threats to Julia.

She wrote: “We’ve officially filed a report with law enforcement taking into account all the threats made online.

She added that they “document every account and individuals associated with disseminating threats and falsehoods regarding Julia’s case and status”.

“We’ve shared every email and social media account that’s communicated directly with Julia, both threatening or attempting to lie about their connection to her family/Madeleine’s family in order to lure her to their country.

“As with threats of this magnitude, US police are taking her case seriously and looking into all information/accounts with caution and deep concern.”

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Julia thanks her supporters

Dr Fia then added: “Julia is safe and she is happy. She wants to say THANK YOU to everyone that has shown her compassion, understanding, and support since this all began.

“Having the police involved in her case now is good news.

“We also will share some positive updates shortly. Thank you all for your care and positive thoughts for Julia.”

Real reason DNA test blocked

Meanwhile, Dr Fia has revealed that Julia’s DNA test with her current family has been blocked due to a Polish law.

It’s said Julia’s family are refusing to take part in a test to confirm her identity.

“We can’t get a court order to force them to because there is a law against it in Poland.

“The country where Maddie is missing from – Portugal – would have to force Poland to look at it. So the police cannot say whether she is Madeleine or not Madeleine,” said Dr Fia.

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