‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl latest: Julia ‘didn’t exist’ in records till she was five years old

9 Mar 2023, 13:17

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The latest on ‘I am Madeleine McCann‘ girl Julia Wandelt has seen her private investigator claim she “didn’t exist” in Poland until she was five years old.

Earlier this month, Dr Fia Johansson travelled to Poland to meet Julia in person.

While she was there, the pair appeared to be digging into Julia’s history.

They shared pictures of her at an archives window and the ladies also teased a “big announcement”.

They also made claims that they’d uncovered some “shocking” discoveries.

Now Dr Fia appears to have shared their findings.

Julia appeared to suggest her investigation had moved forward on social media last week (Credit: Instagram)

‘I am Madeleine McCann’ latest

Speaking to Radar Online, Dr Fia claimed that Julia’s hospital records show she never existed in the Polish city she was supposedly raised in until she was five years old.

The shocking find was allegedly made after visiting a hospital in the city of Wroclaw.

This is where Julia, who is believed to be 21, was supposedly born.

It’s claimed by Dr Fia that Julia was handed her hospital records – known as her health book – during the visit.

“It was so strange because everything in Julia’s health book, everything, started at the age of five,” she alleged.

Dr Fia continued to claim: “So everything between the ages of zero months to five years – everything — is missing.”

‘She doesn’t exist’

Furthermore, she went on to allege there was no evidence that any information had been removed from her file.

She just doesn’t exist during that time frame.

“There is no signature by a doctor showing that they had removed any of the records from her file. She just doesn’t exist during that time frame,” she claimed.

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Hands tied over DNA test

The news comes amid allegations that Julia’s current family have “shunned” her over her claims she could be missing Madeleine McCann.

Furthermore, Dr Fia has explained why Julia has been unable to have a DNA test with them to help to prove her identity.

She claimed to The Sun: “We can’t get a court order to force them to because there is a law against it in Poland.”

Dr Fia then went on to add: “The country where Maddie is missing from – Portugal – would have to force Poland to look at it. So the police cannot say whether she is Madeleine or not Madeleine.”

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