EastEnders spoilers: Lola receives more devastating health news

9 Mar 2023, 18:00
9 Mar 2023, 12:47

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In EastEnders spoilers for next week, Lola receives more devastating health news while at the hospital with her mum.

After zoning out, Lola visits the hospital to get told some upsetting news.

What’s Lola’s health news in EastEnders?

Lola zones out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Lola zones out

Jay and Lexi worry when Lola zones out.

Lola has her heart set on staying strong and refuses to get checked out.

Instead of going straight to the hospital, Lola decides to focus her attention on her brain tumour awareness fundraising event.

However, Lola zones out again which prompts Jay to up the pressure of making Lola go to the hospital.

It’s clear that Jay is worried about both Lola and Lexi when he later asks Lola to arrange for Lexi to see a counsellor.

He thinks that this would benefit Lexi seeing as she’s struggling to cope.

However, Lola disagrees, thinking that she can support Lexi without any professional interference.

But, is Jay right to worry?

Emma supports Lola as she receives some upsetting news (Credit: BBC)

Lola receives more devastating health news

Jay finally gets Lola to agree to arranging for Lexi to see a councillor.

However, he’s frustrated when Lola’s mum, Emma, returns and talks her out of it.

Emma tells Lola that she’s returned to see how she is.

Lexi called her and told her that she wasn’t doing well.

Finding out that Emma gave Lexi her phone number behind her back, Lola expresses her upset over Emma forcing Lexi to lie to her.

However, after realising that Emma had good intentions, Lola forgives her.

With Jay and Emma starting to row over what they feel is best for Lola, he’s pushed to the side when the mother and daughter convince him to go out and leave them to spend some time alone.

With this, Jay goes off on a night out with Callum and Ben while Emma accompanies Lola to the hospital.

However, when at the hospital, Lola receives more upsetting health news from the doctor.

Has Lola’s cancer advanced?

Will she let Jay know?

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