EastEnders fan convinced they’ve spotted ‘clue’ as to who dies at Christmas

9 Mar 2023, 16:13

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An EastEnders fan has revealed their theory as to who dies at Christmas, informed by a ‘clue’ spotted in last night’s episode.

It was revealed in a special episode of the show last month that a mystery character is set to die at Christmas.

But who?

One viewer thinks that they may have unlocked the key to the mystery.

The show has revealed that one of its male characters is set to die at Christmas (Credit: BBC)

Who dies at Christmas in EastEnders?

A flash-forward to a future episode showed one of the male characters, dead on the floor of The Queen Vic.

The scene showed that Suki, Stacey, Denise, Sharon, Linda and Kathy will be present and involved in the death.

It is believed that this mystery character is already known to fans of the show.

But who will be killed at Christmas, and why?

In last night’s episode, Ash warned Nish not to underestimate Suki (Credit: BBC)

Amy warns Nish about her mother

One EastEnders fan believes that they have the answer.

In last night’s episode, the Panesar family fought over daughter Ash’s plans to relocate to Canada.

Believing that the job would be good for Ash, Suki manipulated Nish into pushing Ashto accept the job.

During an exchange together, Ash and Nish discussed what Suki might be capable of.

During the exchange, Ash issued a warning: “If you lock her up like a caged animal, she will eventually bite.”

Could Nish’s domineering ways force Suki into a terrible act of self-defence? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan reveals Nish / Suki murder theory

One fan took this as foreshadowing for the show’s Christmas death.

“Is that a clue to Nish’s murder at Christmas – what Ash said tonight to Nish about Suki?” the eagle-eyed EastEnders fan asked, via Twitter.

Is that a clue to nish murder at Christmas what ash said tonight to nish about suki. “If you lock her up like a caged animal she will eventually bite” #EastEnders @bbceastenders

— MIKE (@mikepriestley13) March 8, 2023

We already know that Suki will be present for the Christmas episode’s death scene.

Last night’s episode also saw Nish warn Suki off trying to manipulate him again.

Telling her that he was capable of terrible things, he told her on no uncertain terms: “I say what goes for us. Don’t you ever forget that.”

It is also believed that he knows about her affair with Eve.

Will Nish’s actions push Suki into a drastic act of self defence?

Could Suki kill Nish for Christmas?

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