The Bay on ITV1: Brand new guest cast join Morecambe drama for series 4

8 Mar 2023, 20:02
6 Mar 2023, 15:32

Barry Sloane, Claire Goose, Daniel Ryan, Joe Armstrong, Karl Davies, Marsha Thomason, The Bay

The Bay returns with series 4 – and it has a gripping new storyline told by a fantastic guest cast.

Marsha Thomason reprises her role as Morecambe CID’s Family Liaison Officer, DS Jenn Townsend.

This time, Jenn receives an emergency call and races to the scene to find horror unfolding for a broken family.

But what happened to the Metcalf family and why?

Here’s everything you need to know about the brilliant guest cast on The Bay series 4.

The Bay series 4 cast: Marsha Thomason reprises her role as Morecambe CID’s Family Liaison Officer, DS Jenn Townsend (Credit: ITV1)

The Bay series 4 cast: Marsha Thomason plays DS Jenn Townsend

Marsha Thomason reprises her role as Morecambe CID’s Family Liaison Officer, DS Jenn Townsend.

Manchester-born actress Marsha, 47, is perhaps best known for playing Naomi Dorrit in the huge HBO hit Lost.

She’s also portrayed Diana Berrigan in White Collar, Katy in Safe House, and Nicole Dechamps in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Marsha has found success in the States, but made her name in UK dramas including Playing the Field, Where the Heart Is, and Prime Suspect.

More recently, she’s appeared as Francine Bridge in Cobra, and Eve in Magnum P.I.

Talking about reprising the lead role for The Bay series 4, she said: “Last year I was the new girl, so I was a bit nervous, whereas this year I felt much more confident coming in and it was just so nice.

“We all became friends and are all in touch when we aren’t filming.

“It is especially nice coming back and seeing everybody as I live in LA, they would get together for dinner or drinks and they would send pictures so I’d be sad I was missing out so it’s been great to come back.”

However, she did add that the relationship between her character and boss DI Manning is “a little tricky this year”.

TV favourite Daniel Ryan stars as DI Manning in The Bay (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Daniel Ryan stars as DI Tony Manning

Series regular Daniel Ryan, 55, also returns as DI Tony Manning, who is struggling with his personal life in series 4.

He made his name in series such as Lipstick on Your Collar, Peak Practice, Soldier Soldier and Dangerfield, before joining the cast of Trial & Retribution.

He portrayed DS Brown in the crime drama from 1997 to 1998.

Daniel then played another copper – PC Busby – in Harbour Lights in 1999.

In 2004, he played Andy Coulson in Steel River Blues, and went on to play Kenny Reed in The Whistleblowers.

He’s also starred in Vera, Casualty, Doctor Who, Midsomer Murders, The Reckoning, Candy Cabs and Home Fires.

More recently, Daniel played DAC Peter Clarke in Litvinenko, Ben in Crossfire, and Adam Whitworth in Four Lives.

Erin Shanagher as DS Karen Hobson in the cast of The Bay series 4 (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 cast: Erin Shanagher returns as DS Karen Hobson

Actress Erin Shanagher returns as DS Karen Hobson in the cast of ITV drama The Bay.

She’s played the role since the very first series in 2019.

Before joining the cast of That Bay, Erin popped up in all sorts of TV series including Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Shameless, and Scott and Bailey.

She played Penny in Hit & Miss, Joanne in Residue, Lorraine Kenwood in The Five, and Debbie in The Moorside.

Perhaps her most significant role aside from DS Karen Hobson was that of Fiona Baker in Viewpoint.

She also portrayed Penny Lindsey in the Adrian Dunbar drama Ridley in 2022.

Thomas Law as DC Eddie Martin in The Bay series 4 (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Thomas Law stars as DC Eddie Martin

Former EastEnders actor – aka Peter Beale – Thomas Law has played DC Eddie Martin since series 2 in 2021.

Thomas, 30, was the fifth actor to played Peter Beale in the BBC soap, playing the character from 2004 until 2010.

During his time playing Peter, the character developed a romantic relationship with Lauren Branning.

Since leaving EastEnders, Thomas has played Gary in The World’s End, the third instalment in the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost trilogy.

In 2014, Thomas made an appearance in Casualty, before playing Daniel in horror film Unhallowed Ground in 2015.

A year later, he starred in the musical film A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits, putting a modern twist on the Disney classic Cinderella.

Thomas played the film’s Prince Charming, Reed, starring alongside Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists star Sofia Carson.

As well as acting, Thomas is also a musician, and he often shares his work on Instagram.

He has released music on popular music streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music.

Andrew Dowbiggin as DS James ‘Clarkie’ Clarke in The Bay (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 cast: Andrew Dowbiggin plays DS James Clarke

Former Corrie actor Andrew Dowbiggin will once again play sexist cop DS James Clarke.

He’s the misogynist he all love to hate in the Morecambe team.

Actor Andrew appeared on Coronation Street as Toby Chapman between December 2016 and March 2017.

He’s been on our TV screens since 2008 when he first appeared as a tennis coach in an episode of Love Soup.

In 2014, he starred as Anton Bluth in Emmerdale.

He’s also popped up in Doctors, COBRA, Casualty, Cilla, and Silent Witness.

Marsha Thomason as DS Jenn Townsend and Barry Sloane as Chris Fischer in The Bay (Credit:
Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Barry Sloane plays Chris Fischer in The Bay

Hollyoaks’ Barry Sloane, 42, returns as DS Jenn Townsend’s partner Chris Fischer.

In 2002, Barry started appearing in Brookside, the soap opera set in his hometown of Liverpool.

He played the role of Sean Smith for 65 episodes before he left the show in 2003.

In 2007, Barry joined the cast of Hollyoaks, which remains one of his most famous roles to date.

He played the role of Niall Rafferty, a mysterious character turned serial killer, until he left the show in 2009 after 95 episodes.

The Liverpudlian actor has also appeared in Holby City, and in Revenge, an American TV show.

Between 2015 and 2017, he appeared in Longmire.

Fans of the Call of Duty franchise may recognise Barry from his role of Captain Price in both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

More recently, Barry was played Boyo in the TV movie Gotham, DS Jim Dawson in ITVX‘s Litvinenko, and Jake Reilly in Bluff City Law.

Joe Armstrong as Dean Metcalf in the cast of The Bay series 4 (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 cast: Joe Armstrong stars as Dean Metcalf

Series 4 of The Bay has a cracking guest cast, keeping in tradition with previous appearances from the likes of Stephen Tompkinson, James Cosmos, Mark Stanley, Vincent Regan, and Jonas Armstrong.

In 2023, there are two famous faces from Happy Valley joining the cast.

First up, we have Joe Armstrong, who plays Dean Metcalf, a dad of four who’s seemingly devastated when his wife dies in a house fire.

Of course, Happy Valley fans will know the 44-year-old as drug dealer and Ann Gallagher’s kidnapper Ashley Cowgill in series 1.

The actor is also known for playing Samuel Washington in Gentleman Jack, also penned by HV genius Sally Wainwright.

Joe first popped up as Richard Lloyd in Between the Sheets in 2003 which starred his real-life dad, Sherwood actor Alun Armstrong.

He went on to star in the likes of Waking the Dead, Blackpool, Midsomer Murders, and Party Animals.

Between 2006 and 2009, he played Allan A Dale in the cast of Robin Hood, before going on to play Danny Sparks in Land Girls, and Ben Somers in Public Enemies.

In 2014, he played Ashley Cowgill in the first series of Happy Valley.

He’s also played Bairstow in The Village, Gildas in Britannia, Nick Shelton in Black Mirror.

Karl Davies recently played Daniel Cawood in Happy Valley, but now joins the cast of The Bay (Credit: BBC)

Karl Davies stars as Carl McGregor

Actor Karl Davies, 40, joins the cast of The Bay series 4 as Carl McGregor.

He’s the second Happy Valley cast member to sign up.

Of course, Happy Valley fans will know him as Catherine’s son Daniel Cawood in the BBC drama.

Emmerdale fans will know him as Robert Sugden in the ITV soap.

Karl became the second actor to play Robert Sugden.

He took over from Richard Smith in 2001 and immediately proved to be a bit of a bad boy.

Robert was involved in a running feud with brother Andy (Kelvin Fletcher), and had an affair with his wife Katie (Sammy Winward).

He then, controversially, had an affair with 15-year-old Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb).

In 2012, he was also cast in the second series of Game of Thrones as Alton Lannister.

The following year, he went on to star in the drama series The Syndicate.

In 2014, he also appeared in two episodes of the World War I drama The Crimson Field, and portrayed Viktor Proskuryakov in the brilliant 2019 drama Chernobyl.

More recently, Karl played Tim Bailie in The Tower, Lester in The Nevers, Jack in The Baby, and Ronald Mallen in Call The Midwife.

Claire Goose as Jacqui Fischer in The Bay series 4 (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 cast: Claire Goose stars as Jacqui Fischer

Actress Claire Goose, 48, joins the cast of The Bay series 4 as Chris Fischer’s ex-wife Jacqui.

Claire first hit our screens in 1995 when she appeared in ITV cop series The Bill.

She then made a brief appearance in EastEnders, before taking on the role as popular nurse Tina Seabrook in medical drama Casualty.

The actress appeared on the prime-time show for three years, starring in 80 episodes.

Claire went on to star in BBC crime series Waking The Dead for two years as DC/DS Amelia Silver.

She also made a return to The Bill in 2008 where she spent two years playing Inspector Rachel Weston.

In 2015, she was cast in BBC Birmingham drama The Coroner.

In 2019, fans got to catch a glimpse of Claire in the CityTV series Murdoch Mysteries where she played Dr Katherine Talbot.

More recently, Claire has played Steph in Silverpoint.

Ian Puleston-Davies recently played DSI Ronnie Boyle in Silent Witness (Credit: BBC One)

Ian Puleston-Davies plays Terry McGregor

Actor Ian Puleston-Davies, 64, will play Terry McGregor in the cast of The Bay series 4.

Ian recently starred as baddie Brian in The Teacher on Channel 5.

But he was on the other side of law when he played hard-to-like DSI Ronnie Boyle in the cast of Silent Witness series 25.

Soap fans will know Ian from his role as builder Owen Armstrong in Corrie, but he’s been acting for nearly four decades.

Early roles included small parts in Boon, Brookside and Grange Hill.

From 1995 to 1996, he played Terry Williams in Hollyoaks.

Two years later, in 1998, he popped up in nine episodes of EastEnders as Jimmy.

He’s worked extensively as a jobbing actor in TV shows including The Bill, Conviction, Funland and Vincent.

Ian also played Charlie Fisher in Waterloo Road, Peter Cullen in Marcella, and Mick O’Callaghan in A Confession.

Most recently, he’s portrayed Frank Jackson in Tin Star, Arthur Pennyworth in Pennyworth, Karl Turner MP in Four Lives, and Professor Phil Scraton in Anne.

Ian also starred in the doomed ITV series Viewpoint, and he is the voice of King Thistle in the surreal CBeebies show Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Last year, Ian played Supt Ross Beardsmore in DI Ray.

Chritopher Coghill as Alex Kirby in The Bay (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 cast: Christopher Coghill plays Alex Kirby

Actor Christopher Coghill stars as Alex Kirby in the cast of The Bay.

Chris Coghill recently played Chris Lythgoe in the cast of The Walk-In.

The 47 year old is perhaps beat known for playing Tony King in EastEnders back in 2008.

Tony was the fiancé of Bianca Jackson and was revealed to be a vile paedophile.

Chris, ex-husband of Lisa Faulker, is also known as Craig in Shameless, and Stan Farrow in Home Fires.

He then played Bobby Sheridan in the period drama The Royal.

You might recognise him as Dave Maltby from the TV movie Murdered for Being Different, about the true life murder of Sophie Lancaster.

He’s also had small roles in Anne, Endeavour and A Confession.

He had a small role in series four of Line of Duty as Forensic Investigator Kevin Gill.

Chris recently starred in the Apple TV series Slow Horses as Hobbs, and now appears in the new series of The Bay.

Craig Gazey stars as Ozzie Peel in The Bay (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Craig Gazey stars as Ozzie Peel

Actor Craig Gazey, 41, joins the cast of The Bay as Ozzie Peel.

Of course, soap fans will know him best for his portrayal of Graeme Proctor in the ITV soap Coronation Street.

Craig appeared in the soap from 2008 to 2011, and was a hugely popular character.

He was a loveable idiot whose unassuming charm bagged Michelle Keegan‘s character Tina – but then he cheated on her!

Since leaving the cobbles, Craig has only had a handful of TV and film roles.

He played Rory in 2016 film White Island, Gary Denham in one episode of Doctors, and Steven Lyons in Years and Years.

He’s also portrayed Jason in Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators.

Other notable roles pre-Corrie included Bernard Bannister in The Royal, Skeebo in Coming Up, and Flitcroft in Criminal Justice.

Morecambe’s MIU team are called to the scene when a young mum of four dies in what seems to be a targeted attack (Credit: Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

The Bay series 4 cast: Who else stars in the ITV drama?

Georgia Scholes – another Hollyoaks star! – reprises her role as Chris’ daughter Erin Fischer.

David Carpenter returns as Jenn’s son Conor Townsend, alongside Emme Haynes, who plays daughter Maddie Townsend.

Former Hollyoaks actress Kerrie Taylor portrays Tony’s ex Ellen Manning.

Doctor Foster’s Tom Taylor, Chloe actress Eloise Thomas, The Goes Wrong Show’s Will Oldfield, and CBeebies Presents: The Tempest’s Ella Smith portray the Metcalf’s four children.

Meanwhile, Victoria Elliott plays Beth Metcalf, the victim of the targeted fire attack.

Sophie Craig portrays Sharon Haworth, Vincent Woods stars as Steve Warren, Kate Layden plays Mrs Armitage, and Lindsay Eavis is Anne Walmsley.

Eugene Collins is Mal Haworth, Maxine Finch plays Meg Dawson, Billy Currid stars as Cameron Young, and Arthur Kay portrays Lewis Walsh.

Yousef Naseer stars as Yousef Awan, Poppy Jhakra plays Fatima Amin, Anthony Pedley is Ronnie, and Tom Slatter portrays a housing officer.

Arnold Pollock and Gareth Morgan portray firefighters, while Siri Ellis stars as an education welfare officer, Rakhee Sharma stars as Ms Bhula, and Jessica Ellis plays Tina Shaw.

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The Bay series 4 starts on Wednesday, March 08, 2023 at 9pm on ITV1.

What do you think of the cast of The Bay series 4? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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