Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Justin steps up his campaign of terror as Daisy falls apart

8 Mar 2023, 12:21

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In Coronation Street spoilers for tonight (Wednesday March 8, 2023), Justin steps up his campaign of terror as Daisy falls apart.

As Justin enters the Barlows’ house, Daisy’s left petrified.

Can Daisy win the fight against Justin in Coronation Street spoilers?

Justin breaks the boundaries (Credit: ITV)

Justin steps up his campaign of terror

Daisy’s worried that Justin might know the date of her wedding.

With this, she reschedules the date with the venue.

Daisy’s left devastated when Justin causes more wedding chaos as the wedding dress boutique is no longer willing to give her a dress.

Justin phoned them to tell them that Daisy assaulted him.

As Daisy breaks down in front of Daniel, Daniel makes light of the situation, angering her further.

Back at the Barlows’, Daisy hears her doorbell go.

She sees Justin on her app and tells him to leave.

However, he manages to get in to the house through the back door.

Daisy’s left fearing for her life.

Is she in danger?

Beth wants to repair her relationship with Kirk (Credit: ITV)

Kirk stands his ground with Beth

Beth hands Fiz a letter for Hope, apologising for slapping her.

Fiz promises to pass it on.

Later on, Beth takes some advice from Maria and tries to remind Kirk of the good things about their relationship.

She shows Kirk some mementos of their time together and expresses her love for him.

Kirk, however, tells her that he needs more time.

Is Beth and Kirk’s relationship crumbling?

Amy makes an excuse to leave (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy sparks worry in Summer

Steve worries about Amy when she misses her Uni lecture.

Summer later asks Amy to join her for a drink in the pub.

Amy agrees as she can’t think of an excuse to get her out of it.

As she arrives at the Rovers, Amy realises that Aaron is joining them.

With this, she makes an excuse and rushes off.

But, will Summer spot that something’s up?

Faye doesn’t want Tim knowing (Credit: ITV)

Faye hides her messages from Tim

Tonight, Faye agrees to join Tim on a night out after avoiding him for some time.

However, soon enough, her phone pings with a text from Jackson.

Hiding the message from her dad, Faye’s desperate for Tim not to find out.

But, will Tim find out about Miley and Jackson getting in touch?

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