Viewers vow to ‘cancel Netflix subscription’ as Gary Glitter documentary series is announced

7 Mar 2023, 16:28

Gary Glitter, Netflix

Netflix has announced a documentary series on disgraced former pop star Gary Glitter, who was convicted of child sex abuse crimes in 2006.

The three-part series is set to examine Gary Glitter’s life, fame and eventual conviction for a series of sexual offences.

The documentary comes from the makers of ITV’s Savile: Portrait of a Predator, and follows Netflix‘s own docu-series on Jimmy Savile too.

Disgraced pop star Gary Glitter was at the height of fame in the 1970s (Credit: Splash News)

Netflix to release three-part documentary series on Gary Glitter

The series, using the working title Hunting Gary Glitter, will feature previously unseen photographs and archive footage.

Journalists who pursued Gary Glitter (whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd) will also feature in the documentary.

They’ll explain how he was found in South East Asia, where he was eventually arrested.

Conversations with some of Glitter’s victims are also confirmed to appear in the documentary.

In 1997, Glitter was arrested for possession of child pornography and sentenced to four months in prison in 1999.

Glitter was then convicted of child sexual abuse crimes in 2006 and was released in 2008.

In 2015, he was convicted and jailed for further sexual offences, including attempted rape and having sex with a girl under the age of 13.

In February 2023, Gary Glitter was freed from prison after serving half his sentence due to having a fixed-term sentence.

Gary Glitter, pictured here in 2014, was released from prison in Dorset in February 2023 (Credit: Splash News)

‘That’s my subscription cancelled’: Viewers criticise Netflix

Many viewers criticised Netflix for the decision to produce the Gary Glitter docu-series and questioned the decision to make it.

One person reacted to the news: “That’s my subscription cancelled Netflix!”

They seem to want to inform us about people we already can’t abide – waste of money.

Another person questioned: “Literally why? What is the obsession with sex crimes and child abuse?”

Someone else wrote: “They seem to want to inform us about people we already can’t abide – waste of money.”

A fourth viewer complained: “Netflix is a bit delinquent in some of its choices!”

A release date for Hunting Gary Glitter hasn’t been confirmed by Netflix yet.

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