This Morning fans defend TikTok couple with 37-year-old gap as they make shock revelation about having baby

7 Mar 2023, 17:14

Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, This Morning, TikTok

On This Morning today, plenty of viewers were left divided after a couple with a 37-year-old age gap made a shock revelation about having a baby.

Usual hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were back on TV screens for the latest installment of the hit ITV morning show.

And in Tuesday’s programme (March 7) the duo welcomed a TikTok famous couple, renowned for their 37-year age difference.

Holly and Phil spoke to the TikTok famous couple (Credit: ITV)

TikTok couple on This Morning today

Quran McCain, 25, and Cheryl McGregor, 62, have over four million followers on TikTok and have been keeping their loyal legion of fans updated on their everyday life.

Speaking to Holly and Phil, the loved-up pair discussed the start of their relationship.

“When I was 14 I worked for her son, and when I was 23 I got to know her in a supermarket,” said Quran.

I’ve got more energy than half of these kids that are taking care of babies now and I don’t see it a problem.

Quran and Cheryl then got closer thanks to TikTok after the 62-year-old encouraged Quran to do a dance with her.

“And that’s how it all started,” she added.

“When did you know this was more than just friends?” Holly asked.

“I knew when I was reading some comments. And they were saying ‘look how he looks at her’ and I looked and I was like ‘oh my goodness,’” said Cheryl, who has seven children.

Cheryl and Quran have 37 years between them (Credit: ITV)

TikTok age-gap couple

The two, who recently tied the knot, then discussed the idea and possibility of them welcoming a baby.

“Now you want to extend this family and you’re talking about surrogacy and having a baby,” Holly quizzed.

Responding to how the internet is in uproar about the news, Cheryl replied: “Yes, they are very outraged.”

“I guess just because of my age I can’t take care of a baby,” she quipped before proclaiming: “What?”

“I’ve got more energy than half of these kids that are taking care of babies now and I don’t see it a problem.”

She added: “No, I can’t have a baby myself but we have done the surrogate thing and we have already had three surrogates and right now we are looking for another one.

“And also maybe adoption.”

The couple also said they’re willing to pay up to £120k on a surrogate to carry their child.

It didn’t take long for This Morning viewers to share their thoughts on the TikTok couple – and it’s safe to say they left plenty divided.

“No I understand you never know who you can fall in love with, but wanting a baby at that age is RIDICULOUS,” raged one viewer.

Someone else mused: “Who really cares or wants to know.”

A third viewer penned: “Having a baby,” alongside a GIF of Steve Carrell saying “No! God! Please No!”

“You love who you love. Arguably romantic, but incredibly selfish, especially if children are involved,” proclaimed another viewer.

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Other viewers defend TikTok couple

A fifth agreed: “Don’t bring a child into this. Selfish.”

However, one viewer chimed in to support to the couple, writing: “Well if they are happy let them get on with it.”

“Each to their own,” said someone else.

Echoing their thoughts, a third supportive viewer wrote: “Yeah what is the fascination, just two people in love.”

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