Jeremy Kyle’s joke about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex sparks backlash

7 Mar 2023, 16:27
7 Mar 2023, 16:41

Jeremy Kyle, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex was the butt of a controversial joke by Jeremy Kyle recently – and it really did not go down well with some royal fans.

The TV star joked that the Duchess of Sussex should be “thrown down a well” – and royal fans really didn’t like it.

Jeremy made a joke about Meghan on his show (Credit: TalkTV / YouTube)

What did Jeremy Kyle say about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex?

Last night saw Jeremy host his show – Jeremy Kyle Live – on TalkTV.

The former ITV star – along with some guests – was discussing Prince Harry and Meghan’s recent ‘eviction’ from Frogmore Cottage.

It was during this discussion that the star hit out at the Duchess of Sussex with a controversial joke.

“People are done with the whingefest, they are done with the crying,” one of Jeremy’s guests – Kinsey Schofield – ranted.

“The way these people use victimhood as currency, I think culturally we are tired of it.”

Jeremy said Meghan should be thrown down a well (Credit:

Jeremy’s ‘joke’ about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Kinsey then continued, saying: “It’s going to end soon, so they better get out of it what they can as the American people are really getting tired of their complaining and crying.”

Jeremy then fumed as he accused the Sussexes of “taking the mickey”.

“If you really want to perform a service for charity, go to Lesotho, it is safe there,” Emily Andrews said.

“Go and build wells, build schools and go and teach English…,” she continued. It was at this point that Jeremy made his “joke”.

“Throw her [Meghan] down one [a well],” he said, however, Emily was quick to cut him off.

“No, no, do not do that Jeremy Kyle,” she said.

Jeremy was slammed (Credit: TalkTV / YouTube)

Viewers slam Jeremy’s joke

Some viewers weren’t happy with Jeremy’s joke – or the fact that he was discussing Harry and Meghan in a negative manner at all.

“And the obsession continues…,” one viewer tweeted.

“@byEmilyAndrews smirking then Jeremy Kyle said Harry should throw Meghan down a well. They want to keep coming back on these shows so bad they refuse to forcefully condemn murdering,” another said.

A third wrote: “Perhaps Jeremy should be quiet considering the practice of his whole show was called into question.”

Another asked: “Will Kyle face a similar backlash to Jeremy Clarkson for his Megan comments?”

However, other viewers were on Jeremy’s side.

“Stop giving Meghan the master manipulator and Harry publicity and starve them of what they crave most, which is attention,” one viewer tweeted.

“He always had a cheeky side,” another said of Jeremy.

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Jeremy Kyle Live airs at 7pm on weeknights on TalkTV. 

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