Janet Street-Porter hits back as Coleen Nolan makes ‘spiteful’ dig at her divorces

7 Mar 2023, 17:00

Coleen Nolan, Janet Street Porter, Loose Women

Janet Street-Porter hit back at her co-star Coleen Nolan after she made a ‘spiteful’ dig on Loose Women today.

Janet and Coleen were both giddy on the show today as they discussed whether they were more ‘broad-minded’.

However, Janet was left speechless after Coleen made a hilarious quip about Janet’s divorces.

Loose Women star Janet Street-Porter admitted that she went to a religious school when she was younger (Credit: ITV)

Coleen Nolan made a hilarious comment on Janet’s divorces

Janet and Coleen were joined by Gloria Hunniford on Loose Women today as they discussed whether they are more ‘broad-minded’ than ever.

It comes after a study revealed that Brits are actually as liberal as Scandinavians when it comes to matters such as divorce and casual sex.

You have been divorced four times.

During the conversation, Janet revealed that she went to a religious school which had ‘mix and match’ views on sex and marriage.

Janet claimed: “I went to a religious school but it was Church of England and we all know that’s a bit mix and match these days.

“Erm, no I mean I did want to get married…”

She then added that she was quick to move on when her marriage didn’t work.

Janet continued: “I mean, coming from a working-class background, that is what you wanted to do.

“But when it didn’t work, I moved on and, yes, I didn’t see any stigma attached to it myself at all. But my mother did!”

Coleen Nolan made a swipe at Janet’s divorces on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Coleen then hilariously hit back: “You have been divorced four times.”

Janet isn’t currently married but she’s tied the knot not once but four times!

Her first husband was Tim Street-Porter, who she married when she was only 19 years old in 1967.

She then went on to marry Time Out Group founder and publisher Tony Elliot in 1975.

Following Tony, she walked down the aisle to Frank Cvitanovich in 1979.

Her fourth and final wedding was in 1997 with David Sorkin, however their marriage only lasted two years.

Janet Street-Porter hits back at Coleen Nolan on Loose Women

Snapping back at Coleen’s comment, Janet then said: “I was wondering when the spiteful one would speak up.”

Coleen added: “I was just waiting to speak…”

However, this isn’t the first time that Coleen Nolan has made a cheeky dig at her co-star.

During Monday’s show, the Loose Women panel discussed ‘divorce lists’ where people are sending around present ideas for their friends to buy after a divorce.

But Coleen couldn’t help but make a swipe at Janet saying: “Imagine how many presents she’d have now.”

Janet then replied: “Actually, my first husband and I only had one row and it was over a Mickey Mouse money box.”

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