GMB today: Richard Madeley slammed by viewers over ‘insensitive’ behaviour during emotional interview

7 Mar 2023, 12:56

Good Morning Britain, Richard Madeley

GMB today (Tuesday, March 7) saw Richard Madeley come under fire for his behaviour during an emotional interview.

Some viewers took to Twitter to slam the 66-year-old, with some accusing him of being “insensitive” and lacking compassion.

Richard and Susanna hosted an emotional interview today (Credit: ITV)

Emotional interview on GMB today

Today’s edition of Good Morning Britain saw Richard and Susanna Reid host a discussion on the ethnic disparity for missing children.

New research from Missing People shows that black and Asian children are more likely to go missing for longer than white children.

Evidence Joel was on the show to talk about her experience when she reported her son, Richard Okorogheye, missing.

Richard went missing in 2021. He was sadly found dead two weeks later.

“It was ridiculous,” she said of her experience. “It was outrageous.”

Evidence then went on to say that when a parent reports their child missing, it should be taken seriously immediately, regardless of the child’s ethnicity.

Richard and Susanna spoke to Evidence Joel (Credit: ITV)

Sensitive topic discussed on GMB today

Richard then asked: “What makes you feel that it was his skin colour and your skin colour that had a bearing on this?”

Evidence replied saying that if Richard had been white, his disappearance would have been taken more seriously.

Richard then brought up the fact that Richard had a blood disorder which meant he was “vulnerable”.

Evidence then confirmed this, but before she could continue, Richard interrupted.

“It was a very serious condition,” the GMB host continued. “That in itself made him a person at risk having gone missing.”

“Absolutely…,” Evidence replied, before Richard interrupted again.

“And you told the police this,” he said. “I did, exactly,” she said.

“And they still didn’t rate him as being at risk?” he asked. Evidence replied confirming this was the case.

Richard was slammed by viewers (Credit: ITV)

Viewers slam Richard Madeley

It’s safe to say that some viewers weren’t impressed with Richard’s conduct during the interview.

Many took to Twitter to slam the star for his ‘insensitive’ behaviour.

“So frustrating watching Richard interview, he constantly interrupts and completely any sort of empathy. My heart goes out to that poor mother, yet more failings of the police,” one viewer tweeted.

Richard failing massively showing compassion,” another said.

“#GMB so 2 minutes on Richard and onto something else – so insensitive!!” a third wrote. 

Someone else added: “@gmb please stop using @richardm56 for any segment requiring sensitivity – his interrogation of Richard Okorogheye’s mum – #EvidenceJoel was disgraceful.”

However, not everyone had it out for Richard today.

“Great to see Richard Madeley back,” one viewer tweeted.

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GMB airs on weekdays from 6am on ITV1 and ITVX.

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