Emmerdale spoilers: First Look at all-new pics for March 13-17

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In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Leyla makes an enemy out of Callum as she gets kidnapped whilst putting Suzy’s life at risk.

Elsewhere, Cathy’s reckless behaviour gets her into trouble.

And, Charles interferes with Naomi’s love life.

All this in more in Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

Emmerdale spoilers
1. Suzy’s life is on the line

Leyla worries that she’s put Jacob’s life in danger with Callum.

With Jacob eventually returning to the shop safely, David recommends that Jacob stays with Pollard.

Meanwhile, Suzy takes on Callum aiming to get revenge by throwing dirt on his name to his fellow criminal mates.

Callum gets wind of Suzy’s plan and attacks her with a brick, leaving her unconscious.

Mary finds Suzy and rings for an ambulance.

Leyla feels guilty as the police reveal that Callum has an alibi.

As Suzy wakes up, she worries that Callum may come and kill her in the hospital.

2. Callum kidnaps Leyla

Leyla receives some threatening messages from Callum and is prompted to act after having a chat with Caleb.

With Caleb’s advice, Leyla arranges to meet up with Callum.

Things backfire as Callum kidnaps Leyla and ties her up, gagging her.

Suzy gets annoyed when Leyla doesn’t collect her from the hospital.

After a while, it becomes clear that something’s seriously wrong when Leyla doesn’t answer her phone.

Will Leyla’s family and friends save her from Callum?

3. Marshall’s dad love bombs his son

Marshall’s happy that Laurel and Jai have taken him in but is upset to find out that he can’t return to Hotten Academy without his dad’s permission.

Colin agrees to let Marshall return to his school but Laurel questions his change of heart.

At Laurel’s house, Colin apologises to Marshall for disowning him over his sexuality.

As Marshall’s dad asks him to come home and continues to love bomb him, Marshall’s left confused.

Has his dad really had a change of heart?

4. Charles meddles with Naomi’s relationship

Charles begs Naomi to see Alex for who he really is and warns her not to ruin her future by dating him.

Manpreet however persuades Charles to give Alex a chance.

Later on, Charles persuades Alex to go for a job interview and when he’s offered a job in Wales Charles encourages him to go.

Alex leaves, making Naomi furious with Charles’ interfering.

5. Cathy behaves recklessly

Brenda tells Bob to make sure that he puts Cathy first rather than the B&B but he gets too distracted to focus on Cathy.

Meanwhile, Cathy gets ready to go to a gig but doesn’t want to go with Wendy.

As a result, Cathy starts behaving recklessly amongst her friends.

As she puts her own life in danger, Bob opens his eyes to the severity of the situation.

Will Cathy get the help she needs?

6. Victoria opens up to Amy and Matty

Amy and Matty go public with their engagement at the Hide, shocking Victoria.

Victoria then takes the opportunity to open up to them about her past trauma over Lee resurfacing.

Ethan advises Victoria to find a new man to take her mind off things.

7. Paddy continues to struggle

Paddy goes on a walk outside, making Marlon pleased to see that Paddy may be progressing.

However, it’s clear that Paddy’s still struggling as he makes a decision about his future.

What does Paddy decide?

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