EastEnders spoilers tonight: Nish issues dark threat as he discovers Suki’s deceit

7 Mar 2023, 11:58

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In EastEnders spoilers for tonight (Tuesday March 7, 2023), Nish issues a dark threat as he discovers Suki’s deceit.

As Suki manipulates Ash into leaving Walford, Nish discovers Suki’s deceit.

But, how will Nish threaten Suki in EastEnders spoilers?

Has Nish found out about Suki and Eve? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Nish discovers Suki’s deceit

Tonight, Suki encourages Nish to spend more time at their business in Leeds.

Suki also tries to get rid of Ash when Ash is re-offered a job in Canada.

Nish asks Suki to try to get Ash to turn the offer down but instead, Suki manipulates her into accepting the job.

By suggesting that Ash is not capable of doing the job, Suki knows that her daughter will take the job just to prove to her mum that she’s got what it takes.

Suki lies to Nish and explains that she couldn’t do anything to persuade Ash to stay.

However, as the couple head to The Vic to celebrate Ash’s new job, Nish is furious when he realises Suki’s deceit.

With this, he heads home and issues a dark threat to Suki.

Will Suki think twice about betraying Nish again?

Whitney pushes everyone away (Credit: BBC)

Zack tries to support a grieving Whitney

Whitney pushes all of her loved ones away as she continues to grieve for Peach.

Chelsea and Sonia try to be there for Whitney.

Meanwhile, Zack confides in Sharon, explaining that he wants to be there for Whitney but feels rejected by her.

He doesn’t know that Whitney wants to speak to him too.

Sharon advises Zack to visit Whitney.

But, will Zack and Whitney be able to support each other?

Vi has second thoughts (Credit: BBC)

Vi backs away from her dinner plans

Tonight, Jack offers Callum a promotion to Trainee Detective Constable.

At The Vic, Jack and Callum celebrate with Ben, Vi and Patrick.

Recently, Vi and Patrick agreed to go on a dinner acting as Denzel’s grandparents after the Walford Gazette treated them to it.

However, tonight, Vi reveals that she’s having second thoughts about going on the journalist dinner with Patrick.

Can Patrick persuade her to go through with it?

Denise sees Ravi with another woman (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Denise is jealous of Ravi

Denise worries about Jack’s investigation on Ravi and asks Jack to reconsider.

Later on, Denise feels jealous when she sees Ravi with a date at The Vic.

She finds out that Ravi and his date are going to the same hotel as the one she went to with Ravi.

Will Denise confront Ravi over his actions?

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EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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