Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for March 13-17

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3 Mar 2023, 16:57

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In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Stephen intensifies his mind games on Carla as he lets himself into her flat.

Elsewhere, Daisy gets a terrifying warning from Justin’s sister.

And, Faye reunites with Miley.

All this and more in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

Coronation Street spoilers
1. Daisy receives a terrifying warning

As Daniel tries to get things back on track with Daisy, Justin waits outside for her.

Daisy’s had enough and takes control by filming Justin and livestreaming it on social media.

Jenny and Glenda watch Daisy’s livestream and soon enough come face to face with Justin’s sister.

Justin’s sister tells Daisy that Justin’s become obsessed with someone before and warns her that he’s dangerous.

Later, Daisy spots a delivery van and suffers a panic attack.

She confides in Ryan about how she’s constantly on edge.

But, will Ryan be able to help her?

2. Daisy and Daniel turn to Tracy in desperate times

Daisy manages to get everyone back on board with the wedding except for the florist.

Turning to Tracy, Tracy only agrees to provide the flowers if she and Amy can be bridesmaids.

Will Daisy let Tracy have her way?

3. Stephen plays mind games with Carla

Carla attends a GP appointment with Dr Gaddas and explains that every time she has an episode she feels like she’s been drugged.

During the appointment, Dr Gaddas prescribes Carla with diazepram.

As the Americans arrive to discuss a deal, Stephen tells Carla to be at the top of her game.

She’s furious that Stephen’s trying to take charge and asks him to make the tea.

Stephen gets his revenge by putting a double does of LSD in Carla’s drink.

Carla starts to have an episode and yells at her staff to get out after the Americans leave, leaving Stephen grinning with pride.

After smashing a mug, Carla speaks to Dr Gaddas again who tells her to take some time of work and to go back on her antipsychotic drugs.

Whilst Carla sleeps at home, Stephen takes her keys from the factory and enters her flat.

He checks that she’s asleep before turning on the grill and then puts her keys back in her bag.

Is Carla in serious danger?

4. Tim betrays Faye

When Craig and Faye go out for the day, Tim leaps at the opportunity to welcome Jackson and Miley round.

Sally warns Tim about going behind Faye’s back.

Tim’s plan seems to be going smoothly until Miley and Eliza recognise each other and start chatting in the street.

As the two girls are chatting, Craig and Faye turn up.

Tim tries his best to persuade Faye to get to know Miley.

With this, Faye agrees to invite Miley and Jackson into the house although she’s filled with nerves.

Will the reunion go smoothly?

5. Beth meets her ex Marco

After Kirk found a letter that Beth’s ex, Marco, wrote, Beth decides to meet Marco.

She dresses up and asks Glenda to come with her but it’s soon clear that Glenda isn’t needed.

Later on, Fiz and Kirk bring up memories of Kirk proposing to Beth.

Beth isn’t as cheerful.

But, does she have Marco on her mind?

6. Adam puts business first

With Adam worried about how the business is going, he decides to have a meeting with Damon, hoping to secure a potential new client.

Dee-Dee is furious when she sees Adam working with Damon and explains that it’s Damon who has destroyed Nick’s life.

As Dee-Dee demands that Damon leave, Adam tells Dee-Dee that they should represent Damon.

He needs legal representation and he’s rich.

But, will Dee-Dee agree to put her morals aside to save the business?

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