Coronation Street spoilers: Carla dies as Stephen targets her in horror fire?

7 Mar 2023, 13:30
7 Mar 2023, 16:43

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In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Carla’s life is in danger as Stephen turns the grill on while she’s sleeping.

After Stephen takes Carla’s keys from the factory, he sneaks into her flat.

But will Carla die in a fire horror?

Carla goes to the GP (Credit: ITV)

Carla gets put back on her medication

Carla’s worried that she’ll go to prison for Paul’s accident but Peter reassures her that he’ll do everything he can to protect her.

At the factory, Carla agrees to give everyone a staff bonus if the American deal goes through.

Stephen calls Rufus after hearing this news.

Worried about her state of mind, Carla attends a medical appointment with Dr Gaddas.

She tells the doctor that each episode she has feels like she’s been drugged.

With this, Dr Gaddas prescribes her with diazepam.

Back at work, Carla asks Stephen to make the tea while she has a meeting with the Americans.

However, she’s soon having another episode after Stephen double doses her drink with LSD.

Soon enough, she’s yelling at the staff to get out.

After smashing a mug and cutting her finger, Carla makes another trip to the GP.

This times, Dr Gaddas tells her to take a longer period of time off work and suggests that Carla go back on her antipsychotic medication.

Stephen turns on the grill (Credit: ITV)

Stephen puts Carla’s life in danger

With Stephen managing to successfully get rid of Carla at work, he takes the opportunity to slip her flat keys into his possession whilst at the factory.

Letting himself into Peter and Carla’s flat, Stephen stands over Carla’s bed to check that she’s asleep.

He then turns on the grill before putting the keys in her bag.

As Stephen leaves, Carla’s life is at risk.

Can the grill be turned off in time?

Will Carla wake up before it’s too late?

Will Carla die? (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Carla die?

With Carla alone in her flat and back on her medication, she might not realise that her grill is on.

Will she wake up in time before the grill goes on fire?

Or, will Carla die?

Will she become Stephen’s third victim?

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