I’m A Celebrity star Neil Ruddock reveals seven-stone weight loss as he ‘cheated death’: ‘I feared for my life’

6 Mar 2023, 17:44

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I’m A Celebrity star Neil Ruddock has revealed his seven-stone weight loss and claims he ‘cheated death’ before having gastric sleeve surgery.

The former footballer was inspired to have the op by James Argent.

Known as Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock, he said the surgery has saved his life.

The ex-Liverpool and Spurs defender revealed his weight got out of control and he ballooned to 27 stone.

During lockdown he said he would gorge on takeaways and make bacon sandwiches ‘just for something to do’.

Neil has opened up about his weight loss (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Neil Ruddock weight loss

And once he’d discovered delivery service Uber Eats he would send them to the local shop for tubs of ice-cream.

Speaking about how his life was in danger, he told the MailOnline: “I feared for my life, definitely. I know a lot of people will read this and say I’ve cheated, and I tell you what I did… I cheated death.

“The way I was going, who knows how long I could continue like that.”

Neil also had the added concern of a heart condition which was diagnosed during the 2020 TV show Harry’s Heroes.

He later had a pace-maker fitted.

The England international underwent gastric sleeve surgery on September 8 with the Transform Hospital Group.

Neil told how doctors removed two thirds of his stomach, so he no longer can overindulge on food, as he gets full up quicker.

His weight loss is testament to the success of the operation.

How James Argent inspired Neil to have the surgery

Former Towie star James Argent and Neil met at a charity football match.

When Neil saw how healthy James looked he asked what his secret was.

So James urged him to check out the gastric sleeve surgery.

He had undergone surgery in 2021 at the Transform Hospital Group and has lost 14 stone since then.

Neil during an appearance on This Morning in 2019 (Credit: ITV)

Neil, who’s been married to glamour model Leah for 10 years, says he can still eat the same foods as before, although only about four forkfuls.

He can even order Indian Takeaways and feels satisfied after a bite of each dish.

And the sleeve has forced him to give up fizzy drinks, so his favourite tipples of beer and cider have gone, replaced by a glass of wine.

Neil had found the extra weight made it difficult to walk, although the pain in his legs has now eased.

And it’s boosted his confidence too. Neil said he’d even feel confident posing nude!

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