Endeavour viewers express concern for beloved character ahead of final ever episode

6 Mar 2023, 16:11
6 Mar 2023, 16:12

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Endeavour 2023 fans are awaiting the finale episode of the show, but viewers can’t help but fear for a popular character ahead of the last ever episode.

Fred Thursday received a threat at the end of the episode to stop investigating the Blenheim Vale case.

If he didn’t, he would be a “dead man”. But he’s not the only Endeavour character that fans are worried about!

Fans are worried that Joan Thursday, Fred’s daughter and Morse’s love interest, won’t make it out of the series alive.

DI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) received a threat at the end of episode two (Credit: ITV)

Endeavour: Fred Thursday received a threat at the end of episode two

Fans of Inspector Morse will know that the detective remains unmarried in the series – that means Joan Thursday marries someone else, or ends up dead.

Joan is now engaged to DS Jim Strange but after the threat to Fred Thursday – will she make it out alive?

Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) received a call where he was told: “You can take this on – you ain’t coming out of it.

“You nor Morse either. Drop it.”

When Fred Thursday confirmed he wouldn’t, he was told he’d be a “dead man”.

But now fans are worried the reason that Morse and Joan aren’t together in the future is because Joan ends up dead.

Endeavour fans are worried about Joan Thursday ahead of the final episode (Credit: ITV)

Endeavour finale: Will Joan make it out alive?

Fans have taken to social media to share their worries about Joan ahead of the final episode.

One fan wrote: “I’m worried for Joan! And Joan and Morse will never be together…”

Another fan added: “We know they didn’t end up together but let’s hope it’s not for the reason we all fear!”

A third viewer said: “Well, we know Morse and Strange survive. But, what about Thursday, Bright, Sam and Joan?”

Joan and Morse will never be together…

Joan failed to meet Endeavour for a meeting in a pub in the episode. Now fans are worrying that she didn’t leave willingly.

One fan theorised: “I suddenly have an awful feeling that Joan didn’t leave that pub willingly. She was tricked or coerced into leaving by someone…”

Meanwhile, Roger Allam teased that there will be “some sort of final parting of the ways, possibly even a death” in the finale.

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Endeavour concludes on Sunday March 12 at 8pm on ITV1. Episodes are also available on ITVX after airing.

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