Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Violent outburst from Kyle lands him in hot water

6 Mar 2023, 11:20
6 Mar 2023, 10:55

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Emmerdale spoilers tonight have revealed that a violent outburst from Kyle Winchester lands him in trouble with Nicola – and potentially the police.

Can Cain and Amy put aside their differences for long enough to get their son the help he needs?

And will Nicola call the police?

In other Emmerdale spoilers tonight, Charles struggles with his disapproval of Naomi and Alex’s growing relationship.

Elsewhere, Paddy’s friends and family worry over his long road to recovery.

And Rishi hears a bump in the night!

Read our Emmerdale spoilers tonight in full below.

Cain and Amy put aside their differences as they plead with Nicola to let things slide (Credit: ITV)

The war between Amy and Cain causes a violent outburst in Kyle

As the week begins, Matty is delighted when Amy reassures him that their engagement is about her love for him – and not a ploy to get custody of Kyle.

While she takes strength in Matty’s support, Cain enlists Caleb in his own side of the custody batle.

Moira pleads with him to avoid making things worse.

But things escalate once Caleb intervenes, upsetting Amy.

After Amy’s encounter with Caleb, Matty comforts her again.

But things take a turn for the worse – in a violent altercation between Carl and Kyle.

Furious, Nicola threatens to call the police.

With Amy left reeling, Cain blames her for the incident.

Coming together, they plead with Nicola not to involve the police.

Hearing Amy’s appeal to Nicola, Cain suddenly feels a sense of guilt – knowing that the community sees Kyle’s violence as a reflection on his own parenting.

Later, Moira is stunned when Cain tells her that they need to let Kyle go for his own good.

A family lunch turns awkward as Charles needles away at Alex (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Disapproving Charles struggles with Naomi and Alex’s relationship

As Naomi and Alex grow closer, Manpreet advises disapproving Charles to try a little reverse psychology.

When Naomi offers to cook a family lunch, he suspects that she’s up to something.

He and Alex come to realise that it’s an ambush.

Later, Charles needles Alex during lunch – but remembers Manpreet’s words.

Realising that his hostility is only driving Alex and Naomi closer together, he decides to lay off.

When Naomi kisses Alex, he fights his instinct to intervene.

Paddy has some good news for his family and friends (Credit: ITV)

Good news for Marlon, Chas and Bear

Chas, Marlon and Bear remain worried sick about Paddy.

Aware that he has a long road ahead of him, their worry is taking its toll.

However, they are cheered when Paddy tells them that he’s booked an appointment with a therapist.

Rishi gets spooked

Rishi returns to Holdgate after staying with Priya.

However, he struggles to shake off an eerie feeling about his home.

Hearing unnerving noises, he becomes convinced that there’s a hider in the house.

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