Antiques Roadshow viewers shocked over ‘history-making’ evaluation of 100k

6 Mar 2023, 15:45

Antiques Roadshow, BBC One

Antiques Roadshow viewers were left stunned by a ‘history-making’ evaluation of 100k on last night’s (March 5) BBC One show.

Asian Specialist Lee Young was amazed by a man who travelled all the way from Australia to go on Antiques Roadshow for a discovery he made with a metal detector.

He had brought a small baby Buddha statue which he believed might have travelled from China to Australia in the 1400s.

Lee confirmed it was from the Ming Dynasty. He also explained how it could answer a major unanswered question in Australian history.

Leon and his group of friends from Australia discovered the Buddha statue while metal detecting (Credit: BBC)

Antiques Roadshow: ‘History-making’ Buddha statue appears on show

Leon travelled from a small fishing village in Western Australia and explained the story of the Buddha statue.

He shared: “We’ve had four years to learn about the history and how it could have got it on our shores.

“We think it’s from one of the largest treasure voyages in the world sent out by China around the 1420s.

“There is doubt about whether they came through Australia.

“If the statue is Ming Dynasty, it could be a missing link to prove an amazing story about the world’s richest voyage.”

I’m actually honoured to be this close to it. It’s history-making.

Specialist Lee Young quickly confirmed it was from the Ming Dynasty. He said it could typically go for £3,000 to £5,000.

But he said the important “history-making” story would bring the evaluation up.

He said: “If the hammer fell at £50,000, I wouldn’t be surprised. If it got £100,00, I don’t think I’d be that surprised.”

He also added: “I’m actually honoured to be this close to it. It’s history-making.”

Leon said he would use the money to “do something in honour” of his friend Nick, who passed away.

The baby Buddha statue could go sell for £100k (Credit: BBC)

Viewers react to the 100k evaluation

Viewers of the BBC show were shocked by the 100k evaluation and loved the emotional story and journey of the baby Buddha statue.

One viewer wrote: “Buddha belongs in a museum surely!”

A second viewer also joked: “That Buddha is definitely going into his hand luggage and not in the hold on the flight home I’ll bet!”

Someone else also added: “Baby Buddha man and his story is so wonderful.”

Another viewer said: “What a wonderful thing to do for his friend.”

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Antiques Roadshow continues on Sunday March 12 at 8pm on BBC One.

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