Endeavour episode 2 Uniform: Benidorm favourite joins the cast of penultimate episode

5 Mar 2023, 19:02
3 Mar 2023, 11:57

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The last ever series of Endeavour continues this week with episode 2, entitled Uniform, and viewers will most certainly recognise the guest cast.

In the penultimate episode, Morse suspects a connection between a woman’s disappearance and her past employer…

But another missing persons case demands his attention in the form of a notable artist, whose work adorns the covers of a series of paperback mysteries.

Meanwhile, a debauched group of university undergraduates wreak havoc as reports of stolen cars and wanton criminal damage flood in…

However, the real plot reintroduces one of the show’s earliest and most dramatic unresolved cases – the Blenheim Vale child abuse scandal cover-up explored in series 2 episode Neverland.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Endeavour episode 2 Uniform.

Richard Hope, seen here in Broadchurch, plays Ted/Sgt Wilkins in Endeavour episode 2 (Credit: Photo by ITV)

Endeavour episode 2 Uniform cast: Richard Hope plays Ted/Sgt Wilkins

Actor Richard Hope guest stars as Ted/Sgt Wilkins in the cast of Endeavour episode 2 entitled Uniform.

He’s very well known for TV viewers, thanks to his career spanning more than 50 years on TV, in theatre, and film.

Richard rose to fame after playing junior officer Hooper in Brideshead Revisited in 1981.

He went on to play Harris Pascoe in the popular ITV drama series Poldark.

Most recently, he’s played Dr Reginald Murray in the Netflix series 1899, a judge in The Walk-In, Frederick in Pennyworth, and Rawdon Briggs in Gentleman Jack.

Other notable roles include Treasury Official in The Ipcress File, Arthur Tamworth in Broadchurch, Ted in EastEnders, and DS Barry Purvis in M.I.T.: Murder Investigation Team.

His been in dozens of films, too, including The Village in the Woods, Finding Your Feet, and Mr Morgan’s Last Love.

Kevin R McNally recently played Harold Wilson in Stonehouse (Credit: ITV)

Kevin R McNally stars as Kenny/Supt Jolliphant

Actor Kevin R McNally, 66, portrays Kenny/Supt Jolliphant in Endeavour series 9.

He recently portrayed former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson in Stonehouse.

However, he’s probably best known as Joshamee Gibbs in The Pirates of The Caribbean film series.

He is one of the few characters to appear in every single film in the series, playing the devoted First Mate to Johnny Depp’s infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.

You might also recognise him from the fourth series of The Crown, where he played Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary Bernard Ingham.

Das Boot viewers will know him for playing Jack Greenwood in the Sky Original drama.

Other well known TV roles include James Hollis in Unforgotten, Richard Woodhull in Turn, and Professor Eustacius Jericho in Doctor Who.

Paul Bazely is an actor known for his role in Benidorm (Credit: Brett D. Cove/SplashNews.com)

Endeavour episode 2 Uniform cast: Paul Bazely portrays Mike Gatwood

Actor Paul Bazely, 54, plays Mile Gatwood in the latest episode of Endeavour.

Of course, Benidorm fans will instantly recognise him for playing a beloved character in the hit comedy.

Paul played Troy Ganatra, Gavin’s husband, from 2007 to 2017.

He recently played Bernard Rodier in episode one of Murder in Provence, as a colleague of Moutte – so he’s acted alongside Roger Allam before!

In 2022, Paul portrayed Morris in The Ipcress File.

Before that, he played Clocky in Feel Good, Graham Fox in The Sister, and Lionel from Legal in Quiz.

He has also starred in Doctors, Midsomer Murders, Critical, Making Out, and The Mallorca Files.

Paul has also been in his fair share of films, including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Cruella, and Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

Actress Shaheen Khan recently starred as Maryam’s mum Sania Masoom in Maternal (Credit: ITV)

Shaheen Khan stars as librarian Miss Hatch

Actress Shaneen Khan, 63, portrays Miss Hatch in the cast of Endeavour on ITV1.

And you’ll be forgiven for wondering is Parminder Nagra is going to pop up, as the two actresses often come hand in hand!

Shaheen Khan recently starred as Mrs Kapoor in the cast of DI Ray (with Parminder!).

She then portrayed Parminder’s mum Sania Masoom in the recent medical drama Maternal.

Believe it or not, Shaheen also played Parminder’s mum Mrs Bhamra in Bend It Like Beckham.

Shaheen is also known for her film roles in the TV movie The Boy with the Topknot, It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, and Bhaji on the Beach.

Other notable TV roles include Kiran Joghill in Casualty, Sumita in In the Club, and Jayanthi in The Reluctant Landlord.

And if her voice sounds familiar, she’s also voiced Grandma Zainab in the children’s show Apple Tree House.

Endeavour episode 2 Uniform cast: A murky world is uncovered by Morse and Thursday (Credit: ITV1)

Who returns to the cast of Endeavour for final series?

Of course, Endeavour wouldn’t exist without DS Endeavour Morse, played by Vigil actor Shaun Evans.

And his bond with DCI Fred Thursday (Murder in Provence’s Roger Allam) is at the heart of the show.

In series 9, Thursday is set to get a son-in-law in the form of Sean Rigby’s DS Jim Strange, as Endeavour has missed his chance with Fred’s daughter Joan.

Endeavour fans will know that Watchmen actress Sara Vickers plays Joan.

The sublime Anton Lesser, recently seen in the cast of Better, returns as Chief Supt Reginald Bright.

Meanwhile, Hollyoaks‘ James Bradshaw – aka DS Thorpe – reprises his role as Dr Max DeBryn.

John Thaw’s real life daughter Abigail Thaw plays Dorothea Frazil in the cast of Endeavour.

The New Worst Witch actress Caroline O’Neill portrays Fred’s wife Win Thursday.

Pennyworth actor Jack Bannon returns to play Sam Thursday, and Simon Harrison reprises his role as DI Ronnie Box.

Endeavour episode 2 Uniform cast: Who else appears?

Meanwhile, Jack Laskey pops up at the end as Peter Jakes.

He’s known for playing Alfred Graves in X Company.

Leo Staar portrays Richard/DI Chance, and he’s best known for playing Alec Jesmond in six episodes of Call the Midwife between 2013 and 2014.

Doctors actor Jake Kenny-Byrne stars as Frederick Mulcaster, while Ted Lasso’s Bill Skinner plays Archibald Ormsby-Gore.

Elsewhere, Todd Bell stars as Henry Brockhurst, Milo Mackenzie portrays Raphael Damon, Ayesha Antoine plays Freya Baynard, and

British Rationals star Michael Keane stars as David Astin, and Laurence Spellman plays Uniform Stevens.

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Endeavour episode 2 Uniform airs on Sunday, March 05, 2023 at 8pm on ITV1.

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