Where do Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton live? What is their net worth?

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The parents of Kate Middleton and her extended family are the subject of a Channel 5 documentary feature that airs this weekend.

The Middletons: Model Royal In-Laws looks at what happened when the Princess of Wales’ family met members of the royal family for the first time.

It also explores how Kate’s mum Carole, her dad Michael, younger sister Pippa and brother James dealt with issues as Kate’s profile rocketed due to her relationship with Prince William.

Many people struggle with their in-laws from time to time. But most don’t have to suffer any potential difficulties when a relative joins the most famous family in the world.

No doubt viewers of the programme will want to know more about the Middletons while they’re watching. And so here are the answers to popular queries about Kate’s family that pop up online.

Kate Middleton’s family lines up for the cameras (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Was Carole Middleton an air hostess?

Carole, 68, was born in West London. She left school at 16 but returned to complete four A-levels.

She has indeed previously worked as a British Airways stewardess. Carole did so until she wed, marrying Michael in June 1980.

The couple met due to their jobs, as Michael worked as flight dispatcher for British Airways before setting up a party supplies business.

Michael Middleton and Carole Middleton take questions from the press (Credit: Channel 5)

What does Carole Middleton sound like?

Although Carole has not spoken directly to camera too much, there have been occasions where her voice has been heard.

For example, following Prince George’s birth. She and Michael appeared outside St Mary’s Hospital in 2013 and Carole declared her grandson “absolutely beautiful”.

The few remarks she made to press at the time made it sound as if Carole has a typically middle-class, southern English Home Counties accent.

Waving on the Buckingham Palace balcony with now-King Charles (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Does Carole Middleton have siblings?

Carole is an older sister to Gary Goldsmith, an IT recruitment development.

He previously made headlines in November 2017 after he was fined £5,000 for assaulting his wife in a drunken argument.

Gary, who attended both weddings of nieces Kate and Pippa, was also given a community order after pleading guilty to assault by beating.

Pippa Middleton and Carole Middleton stand with Kate the night before her wedding (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Does Carole Middleton have to curtsy to Kate?

Protocol suggests Kate’s parents would have to show deference to their eldest daughter if attending official functions.

However, it has previously been reported Carole made an error when it came to meeting the Queen for the first time.

According to a separate Channel 5 documentary, she reportedly blundered by saying “pleased to meet you” rather than: “How do you do?”

Carole and Michael set up their party supplies business over 30 years ago (Credit: Splashnews.com)

What is Michael Middleton’s net worth?

Leeds-born Michael, 73, has reportedly enjoyed great success alongside his wife with Party Pieces.

Before their family business, when Michael was employed by BA, the family lived in Jordan between 1984 and 1987.

But Party Pieces reportedly came about as Carole searched for inspiration in 1987 for Kate’s fifth birthday celebrations.

However, it was recently reported that the cost of living crisis has also affected Party Pieces.

MailOnline reported at the start 0f February 2022 that in the previous October it was revealed Party Pieces endured a loss of £285,506 in 2021, taking its total deficit to £1.35 million.

Less reliable reports online see wild amounts claimed as Michael’s net worth, with no evidence for their suggestions.

And so any such claims should be regarded as little more than unsupported rumour and speculation.

At one point in 2018 the family’s combined wealth was said to be $67million.

Michael and Carole Middleton live near Kate, it is believed (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Where do the parents of Kate Middleton live?

Carole and Michael live at Bucklebury Manor in Berkshire.

The Grade II-listed Georgian mansion is said to include seven bedrooms, a drawing room, a library and 18 acres of land.

It is thought they bought the property in 2012.

Additionally, it is believed to be located not all that far from their Duchess daughter’s Adelaide Cottage family home.

Who are Kate Middleton’s grandparents? Where is her family from?

One of Kate’s great-grandfathers on her mother’s side was a coal miner in Durham.

And a great-great-grandfather was a labourer and brick maker from East London.

Carole’s mother, meanwhile, is believed to have worked part-time in a jewellery store.

On Michael’s side, his father was an RAF pilot Captain who flew alongside Prince Phillip.

His mother was a code breaker, and Michael is believed to have ancestors linked to the aristocracy.

Pippa Middleton arrives at her sister’s wedding in 2011 (Credit: Channel 5)

Who is Pippa Middleton’s husband? Does she have children?

Pippa, 39, made a memorable appearance at Kate and Wills’ wedding, stealing the spotlight from members of the royal family.

Since then, she has got married herself. Pippa wed James Matthews, the elder brother of reality TV star Spencer Matthews, in 2017.

They share three children together. Son Arthur was born in October 2018. Daughter Grace arrived in March 2021. And second daughter Rose was born in June 2022.

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Why did James Middleton and Donna Air split?

James, 35, and Byker Grove actress Donna Air were in a relationship between 2013 to 2018.

According to reports, she said in 2020 about their split: “With James it wasn’t meant to be, but we were together for five years and he’s a great guy, we had a lot of fun. The timing wasn’t right. I wish him nothing but happiness.”

He married Alizée Thevenet in 2021.

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The Middletons: Model Royal In-Laws airs on Channel 5 on Saturday March 4 at 6.30pm.

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