Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Caleb Miligan’s real reason for Home Farm plot as Alex returns

4 Mar 2023, 15:42

Caleb Miligan, Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans have “worked out” Caleb Miligan’s real motive for wanting Home Farm after a surprising return.

The businessman arrived in the village at Christmas as the long-lost son of Faith Dingle.

Emmerdale fans are convinced Caleb is connected to Alex but are they right? (Credit: ITV)

And while at first he clashed with his brother Cain, the pair have now bonded – but Caleb’s hiding a major secret.

Last month he let his secret out.

“See I pick my battles, and that way I always win,” Caleb told Cain.

But when Cain asked what that leaves Kim and Will at Home Farm with, Caleb told him: “With me taking it all, and leaving them with nothing.”

However shortly after there was a curious change.

With Cain clearly suspicious of Caleb’s growing relationship with Will, he confronted his brother.

Emmerdale: Is Caleb related to Alex?

“You say you came here to bond with family,” Cain said.

“What’s your obsession with Kim? Why Do you want to take over Home Farm? You said you wanted to take her down.”

But Caleb insisted: “I’m only interested in her stud farm. It’s more Will I’ve got the problem with. He’s one of those blokes you want to slap.

“There’s loads of money to be made on that stud farm and if I want my share, I’ve got to play the game.”

However once Cain was gone, Caleb was seen making another secret phone call.

“I’ve just spoken to Cain,” he told the person on the other end.

“He’s none the wiser. Relax, it’s all good. It’s full steam ahead.”

But fans have been convinced Caleb is working from everyone from Nanny Nicky to Joe Tate.

But now they have another theory after villain Alex made a shock return to the village this week.

Is Alex connected to Caleb in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

Why do Caleb and Alex look similar?

He was last seen being run out of the village last year by Kim and Will after he tried to take his children away from Dawn Taylor – even threatening to sell them to perverts.

But noting how similar Alex looks to Caleb, they are convinced they are connected.

One said: “Alex looks similar to Caleb #emmerdale”

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But a second said: “#Emmerdale fans – could Caleb be Alex’s dad? He’s been on the phone to a mystery person, and Alex (Dawn’s ex) is back soon for a Naomi storyline.

“Is Caleb taking revenge for what Kim and Will did to Alex? I’m not actually sure of the age of Caleb/Alex.”

But a third said: “I’m wondering if Caleb has connections to Alex the dad of the kids and Dawns ex.”

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