Lorraine Kelly today: Star faces backlash as she’s accused of ‘bashing another woman’s looks’ on live TV

3 Mar 2023, 16:15
3 Mar 2023, 15:09

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Lorraine Kelly featured a segment today (March 3) on “ageing gracefully” alongside fashion director Anna Murphy.

While both Lorraine and her guest said that were making “no judgement” towards other women, the TV presenter faced backlash for her comments.

It came after Lorraine and Anna agreed that they didn’t think women should have “tweakments” and cosmetic enhancements.

Presenter Lorraine Kelly was criticised for her comments on Madonna’s looks today (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine Kelly discussed ‘ageing naturally’ today

Lorraine and Anna used Madonna as an example when talking about women who have had cosmetic treatments.

She said: “Madonna said speculations about her looks at this year’s Grammys were fuelled by ageism and misogyny.”

Anna added: “The beauty industry says it’s a little bit here, and a little bit there. Madonna is just one example of the fact that’s not the way it ends.”

Lorraine then said: “Madonna’s succumbed to that. As we said, she’s Madonna, anyone can do what they like.”

“There’s always that tipping point. They go too far, or the surgeons go too far.”

The ITV presenter later referred to Madonna as a woman “getting it [ageing] wrong.”

Lorraine guest Anna Murphy was on to talk about ageing gracefully (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine faces backlash for ‘bashing’ Madonna’s looks

Many viewers took to social media to complain about Lorraine ‘bashing’ Madonna‘s looks during the segment.

One viewer wrote: “Lorraine Kelly is talking about Madonna’s ‘new look’ for the 600th time this year.

“ITV claims these shows like Lorraine and Loose Women are pro-women then [bleep] off literally any woman.”

It’s unacceptable to personally criticise someone publicly for their appearance.

A second viewer agreed: “Lorraine agreeing with the ‘no judgement’ comment… whilst continuously casting judgement on Madonna. Please just stop.”

Someone else added: “Lorraine is a disgrace to all women! Does it make you feel good to bash another woman’s looks on TV?”

Another viewer said: “So brutal of Lorraine to put a picture of Madonna on screen and discuss her as an example of how not to age gracefully.

“It’s unacceptable to personally criticise someone publicly for their appearance.”

ED! has contacted ITV for comment.

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