Loose Women viewers slam ‘ridiculous’ debate over whether tattoos should be free on NHS

3 Mar 2023, 16:13

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Loose Women today (Friday, March 3) saw the panelists debate whether tattoos should be free on the NHS.

As expected, the debate didn’t go down well with viewers, with some taking to Twitter to slam the “ridiculous” discussion.

The panelists hosted a controversial debate (Credit: ITV)

Tattoos on the NHS debate on Loose Women today

Today’s edition of Loose Women saw the panelists debate whether tattoos should be free on the NHS.

The discussion was sparked as the stars spoke about recognising tattoos as a form of therapy to help recover from trauma and mental health struggles.

This then led to them questioning whether tattoos should be available on the NHS.

Sophie Morgan spoke about how she got a tattoo to “decorate” the scar on her spine that was a result of breaking her spine.

However, she doesn’t believe tattoos should be free on the NHS.

“I do think you should recognise the mental health benefits [of tattoos],” she said.

Sophie spoke about her tattoo experiences today (Credit: ITV)

Should tattoos be free on the NHS?

Brenda Edwards then spoke about how she got a tattoo of her areola when she got a mastectomy.

She explained that she’s had the tattoo done three times through the NHS. However, it keeps rubbing off due to the ink used, she claimed.

Denise then spoke about her own mental health work and explained how some people, when they become down, have tattoos.

“It’s like an addiction,” she said. “Not in a harmful way. Tattoos are an addiction that they reach out for in times of desperation and sometimes they’ve regretted it.”

Charlene White then said that Sophie and Brenda’s tattoo stories were “beautiful”.

Viewers slammed the debate (Credit: ITV)

Viewers slam debate on Loose Women today

However, viewers weren’t happy with the debate on today’s show.

“Should tattoos be available on the NHS ?? what a dumb topic to talk about,” one viewer tweeted.

“The NHS is crumbling and the Loose Women are debating if everyone should get tattoos for free. Madness,” another said.

“Tattoos on the NHS? Don’t be so [bleeping] ridiculous,” a third Loose Women viewer wrote.

“Yes, 100% should be available on NHS as they are not stretched enough with cancer targets and 2-year waiting lists. Who is coming up with these debates?” another said.

“NHS tattoos? Grow up, girls,” a fifth snapped.

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Loose Women airs on weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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