Into the Grand Canyon: Nick Knowles fans rally round as he reveals debilitating hidden health condition

3 Mar 2023, 12:30

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Nick Knowles fans have rallied round the Into the Grand Canyon presenter after he revealed a hidden health condition on the show last night (March 2).

Nick headed off to explore the Grand Canyon National Park in his new Channel 5 travel show.

And he was quick to admit the height was triggering his vertigo.

Into the Grand Canyon presenter Nick Knowles revealed his struggle with vertigo (Credit: Channel 5)

Nick Knowles reveals hidden health condition on Into the Grand Canyon

Nick took on lots of exciting activities during Into the Grand Canyon, tackling a zipline and going 21 storeys below the surface into the Grand Canyon caves.

But it was his trip to the nearby Hoover Dam, the 221-metre structure looking over the largest man-made reservoir in America, that led Nick to make a confession about his struggle with vertigo.

Leaning over the dam, he shared: “It’s wonderful, but because I suffer from vertigo, slightly sick-making.”

But Nick pushed himself to cross this iconic landmark after declaring: “This is not an opportunity to be missed.”

Nick later admitted that the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass walkway looking over a cliff, also made him feel “sick to my stomach, and my knees are weak”.

Nick faced his fear of heights on the Grand Canyon Skywalk (Credit: Channel 5)

Fans rally round Nick after his health confession

Whilst watching the episode and seeing Nick struggle with his vertigo, many fans took to social media to share their support for the presenter.

One fan wrote: “Loved the show, Nick. Beautifully filmed – as a fellow vertigo sufferer, stetsons off to you, buddy.”

Another fan shared: “Loved it, hope you are well now Nick.”

Another fan commented: “You are a lot braver than me!”

“You were very brave to walk on the glass sky bridge. Well done!” another praised.

The second part of Nick Knowles’ new series airs tonight, Friday March 3 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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Escaping The Grand Canyon with Nick Knowles airs tonight, Friday March 3 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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