Gogglebox star brands show ‘pantomime’ behind the scenes as she reveals shock secrets about ‘tense’ filming

3 Mar 2023, 20:30
3 Mar 2023, 16:23

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A former Gogglebox cast member has opened up about the Channel 4 programme’s filming secrets, branding the series a “pantomime” behind the scenes.

Paige Deville, who appeared on the couch potato critic show alongside her mum Sally between 2019 and 2021, told The Sun that production could be “tense”.

She also spoke to the tabloid about how much families get paid and how long filming goes on for.

Remember Paige and her mum Sally on Gogglebox? (Credit: Channel 4)

Gogglebox filming secrets from behind the scenes

Brummie Paige, who works in recruitment, explained how the Gogglebox crew don’t alter the rooms – aside from bringing in cameras, lighting and other tech kit – where cast members watch that week’s selection of shows.

She also noted how a fear of messing up continuity means snacks often go untouched. Furthermore, the positioning of other items in shot is rarely changed.

The 26-year-old gave an example of if a Goggleboxer has a pillow on their lap, they may have to keep it there so mystery changes during editing don’t confuse viewers.

Additionally Paige indicated filming can take up to seven hours, involving watching 15-minute clips from five popular shows three times over to record the best reactions.

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‘It is a bit of a pantomime’

However, Paige made it clear cast members are not spoon-fed lines by producers.

However, she claimed they might make suggestions for how Goggleboxers react to certain scenes.

Paige told The Sun: “They wouldn’t tell you, ‘Say this word for word,’ but they prep you to say things and warn you about comments that won’t make it into the show.

Producers prep you to say things and warn you about comments that won’t make it into the show.

“If you’re watching a juicy clip, producers say, ‘You’re going to absolutely love this’ through the speakers.

“Sometimes they give you a ‘three, two, one’ countdown which gears you up and gets you ready to react. It is a bit of a pantomime behind the scenes.”

Paige quit Gogglebox in 2021 (Credit: C4)

How much are Gogglebox cast members paid?

Paige added watching so many different shows – often in advance of being on the telly proper – can be “tense but exciting”.

Paige also claimed cast members may be offered contracts ‘up to two or three seasons in advance’.

It was also reported rates of pay typically start at £100 per session. But that may depend on each family’s popularity.

However, Paige also said cast members don’t meet in reality. And she ponders whether that might be in order to avoid discussions about pay.

ED! has approached a representative for Gogglebox for comment.

Gogglebox next airs on Channel 4 on Friday March 3 at 9pm.

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