Nick Knowles makes shock confession about his weight after suffering ‘palpitations’ in ‘terrifying’ ordeal

2 Mar 2023, 10:50

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Nick Knowles has made a shock confession about his weight after reportedly suffering “palpitations” in a “terrifying” ordeal in the Grand Canyon.

DIY SOS star Nick, 60, previously revealed he put on almost four stone during lockdown. He has also offered support to fans who have shared their own struggles with long COVID.

Additionally, at over six feet tall, the telly fave also towers over plenty of his industry peers.

But that didn’t prevent him from squeezing in between a rock and a hard place for his new Channel 5 show… although it did halt him temporarily, after he got “wedged” in the Grand Canyon.

Telly fave Nick Knowles has spoken about his weight gain during lockdown (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Nick Knowles in Grand Canyon

Speaking on Radio X, Nick reportedly explained how he got into a jam during filming in caves at the US landmark in Arizona.

He told how cavers, who tend to be “skinny”, move through “horizontal chimneys” in the tunnels.

However, Nick indicated he was convinced to progress through one himself by his show’s director.

But plans turned out a little rockier for Nick than he expected.

Nick Knowles dropped two stone in the jungle in 2018 (Credit: I’m A Celebrity YouTube)

‘My heart started to go’

“Half way along, I was like, ‘I can’t do this, this is just too much.’ I had palpitations, it was seriously terrifying,” Nick is reported to have said.

“There was a point where I was wedged, I couldn’t get my shoulders through and I was wedged.

“My heart started to go and I was, ‘Breath, breath, breath.’”

I had palpitations, it was seriously terrifying.

Former I’m A Celebrity contestant Nick was eventually freed thanks to the assistance of a very experienced caver.

He recalled: “The caver said to me, ‘So how are you feeling about your life choices?’.”

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Nick suggested, however, there may be more entertainment value in viewers watching a non-expert attempt to get to grips with such feats.

He went on: “It’s all very well when you see Bear Grylls go off and do these things.

“It’s much more interesting if you get a bloke off the sofa and say, ‘Crawl through these crevices’ or ‘Walk off the side of this cliff’.”

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The Grand Canyon with Nick Knowles airs on Channel 5 tonight, Thursday March 2, at 9pm.

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