‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl Julia urged to show ‘empathy’ to the McCanns amid ‘painful ordeal’

2 Mar 2023, 17:05

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“I am Madeleine McCann” girl Julia Wandelt has been urged to show “empathy” to Kate and Gerry McCann as she continues her search for answers.

On February 13, Julia first outlined her reasons for thinking she could be Madeleine on social media.

Since then, she has shared her desire for contact with the McCanns, as well as a DNA test to confirm her identity.

However, one expert has exclusively told ED! that Julia needs to show Madeleine’s parents “empathy and respect” as she moves forward with her investigations.

Kate and Gerry McCann have been through an emotional and lengthy ordeal (Credit: Splash News)

‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl urged to show ’empathy’ to McCanns

Julia and her representative Dr Fia Johansson have been very vocal on social media about her desire to connect with the McCanns.

However, speaking exclusively to ED!, branding expert Justin Doone has urged Julia to carefully consider her approach going forward.

He told us: “From a public relations point of view, such a public approach to the Madeleine McCann case could be seen as a fair move.

It could be seen as insensitive to the McCanns. They have already endured a long and painful ordeal.

“This is because it would allow the public to make their own judgement based on the evidence presented.

“However, on a personal level, it could be seen as insensitive to the McCanns. They have already endured a long and painful ordeal.

“Therefore, it is important for Julia and Dr Fia to show empathy and respect for Kate and Gerry McCann.”

What happens after the DNA results are in?

Justin also speculated about what the future could hold for Julia.

He said, should DNA testing prove she isn’t missing Madeleine, then she needs to “be prepared”.

“If it does turn out that Julia is not Madeleine McCann, then she can expect the publicity to be a double-edged sword.

“Whilst she will gain a certain amount of notoriety, she will also be subject to intense scrutiny and criticism from many quarters.

“It is important that she is prepared for the latter,” he warned.

Julia with her representative, Dr Fia Johansson (Credit: Instagram)

More harm than good?

However, should she turn out to be Kate and Gerry‘s missing daughter, she’ll receive “immense support and compassion from the public”.

“The publicity that Julia has generated could have both positive and negative effects,” he admitted.

“It is ultimately up to Julia and Dr Fia to judge whether the publicity is doing more good than harm.”

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