GMB star Kate Garraway suffers ‘X-rated’ wardrobe fail as Lorraine Kelly apologises ‘profusely’

2 Mar 2023, 10:23

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GMB star Kate Garraway suffered a pretty unfortunate wardrobe fail on the show today (March 2).

Kate wore a bright green jumpsuit on the show, but became the butt of the joke as a prank went more than a little wrong.

In fact, Lorraine host Lorraine Kelly even stepped in to “apologise profusely”.

Kate Garraway wore a green jumpsuit on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Kate Garraway on GMB today?

Today on Good Morning Britain, poor Kate fell victim to a pretty unfortunate wardrobe malfunction – except it wasn’t entirely her fault.

GMB hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid asked Kate to stand up and show off her green jumpsuit.

Of course, it was the colour of a green screen, which meant they could change Kate’s outfit to any colour they wanted.

Producers turned it red, blue and purple before projecting a live image of Lorraine Kelly, who was coming up next, onto Kate’s outfit.

Lorraine laughed along with the jokes on Twitter after the show and apologised (Credit: ITV)

Except Lorraine was wearing a low-cut top, and her cleavage lined up with Kate’s groin, creating a pretty unfortunate illusion!

I can only apologise profusely for the damage inflicted!

During the segment, neither Kate, Lorraine, Ben nor Susanna noticed the blunder, until viewers started to point it out…

Kate played along with the joke, unaware at the placement of Lorraine’s cleavage (Credit: ITV)

Viewers – and Lorraine – react

The tweets on the segment soon started to pour in.

One said: “@GMB please look back at Lorraine on Kate … not sure the cleavage was in the right place!”

Another giggled: “Thought I could see Kate’s camel toe when Lorraine popped up!”

“Not sure Lorraine’s cleavage was placed on Kate in the best place!” laughed another.

“Nice to see Lorraine super imposed onto Kate Garraway’s dress, with Lorraine’s cleavage creating a lovely image of Kate appearing to be exposing a camel toe,” another chuckled.

Lorraine then stepped in to reshare an image and laughed as she issued an apology.

She said: “OMFG – I can only apologise profusely for the damage inflicted!!”

OMFG – I can only apologise profusely for the damage inflicted !!

— Lorraine (@reallorraine) March 2, 2023

Lorraine hits back at cruel troll

The laughs came after Lorraine hit back at a troll who cruelly mocked her appearance.

After the troll told the presenter to cut her hair, Lorraine declared: “Well good morning Cathy – only problem – when I have short hair I look like Wilson from Castaway (if you know, you know).”

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