Phillip Schofield accused of having ‘it in for’ Billie Faiers after awkward exchange

1 Mar 2023, 16:54
1 Mar 2023, 17:21

Billie Faiers, Phillip Schofield

Billie Faiers slammed Phillip Schofield recently, as the This Morning presenter was accused of having “it in for” her.

The claims were made during a recent episode of her podcast alongside her sister, Sam Faiers.

Billie and Sam discussed the incident recently (Credit: The Sam and Billie Show / YouTube)

Phillip Schofield has ‘it in for’ Billie Faiers?

So what has actually happened between Phillip and Billie?

Billie took aim at Phillip recently for ruining her brand’s segment on This Morning.

Last Thursday (February 23), Billie’s new homeware collection – Chapter B for Next – had a scheduled appearance on the show.

Her new collection was set to be part of the This Morning Lust List segment.

However, things quickly went wrong when a vase smashed off-camera. Footage was then shown of the broken pieces being swept up was shown.

Billie then addressed this moment during a recent episode of her podcast – The Sam and Billie Show.

“It just seems like quite b****y to do that,” Sam fumed.

Phillip’s behaviour was slammed by Billie (Credit: ITV)

Billie Faiers hits out at Phillip Schofield

Billie then continued, saying: “I was so irritated because I thought why aren’t they just like actually talking about the nice things that were in front of them.”

Sam then went on to accuse Phillip of ‘having it in’ for her sister.

Sam’s accusation came after the pair appeared on This Morning in 2019.

During the interview, Phillip asked Billie how much her wedding had cost.

“My god, you must be earning beautifully to be doing this,” Phillip said as he saw how much Billie’s wedding was set to cost.

He revealed that where Billie was holding the wedding was set to cost £229k for a week.

“£229k for your wedding?” Phillip exclaimed. “Yeah, no it wasn’t quite that,” Billie replied.

Billie doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Phillip (Credit: ITV)

Sam accuses Phillip of having it ‘in for’ Billie

Sam addressed this exchange in the podcast recently.

“I think he’s got it in for you because do you remember for no reason when we sat live on TV and he was like picking the wedding to pieces and we was like, ‘Jees alright Phil, have a break’,” she said.

“Remember I was so shocked. I was like I couldn’t believe he was asking me how much my wedding cost,” Billie then said.

I think he’s got it in for you.

“That’s just like saying, ‘How much did your house cost, Phil?’. Just don’t ask questions like that,” Sam said.

Billie then said it had “bugged” her. Sam said it was “unfair”.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Billie addressed the This Morning interview in a chat with OK! Magazine.

At the time, she said: “I was in shock. Prior to our appearance, I’d been very clear that I don’t talk about money. It’s rude and it’s nobody’s business but ours.”

ED! has contacted Phillip, Billie, and Sam’s reps for comment.

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