Madeleine McCann latest: Body language expert shuts down Julia’s claims amid ‘contradictory’ tell-tale signs

1 Mar 2023, 16:39

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The latest twists and turns in the “I am Madeleine McCann” case have been analysed by a body language expert.

Last month, Julia Wandelt (aka Wendell; Faustyna) took to social media to claim that she could be Kate and Gerry McCann’s missing daughter.

Now, speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, body language expert Darren Stanton has claimed he’s spotted “contradictory” tell-tale signs that appear to prove Julia isn’t Madeleine.

Julia and her representative Dr Fia Johansson are currently in the process of securing a DNA test. They hope it will uncover the girl’s true identity.

Julia’s body language has been analysed by one expert (Credit: Instagram)

Madeleine McCann latest: ‘Concerning displays’

Speaking exclusively to ED!, body language expert Darren Stanton said: “I have analysed a number of videos of the girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann with Dr Fia.

“Apart from obvious facial features that are different from Madeleine’s, there are a number of concerning displays in Julia’s facial expressions and language.”

He then went on to explain a behaviour called “duping delight”, which he claimed Julia has been exhibiting.

It appears that Julia is loving the attention from the media.

“In a number of her posts, Julia flashes something called duping delight.

“This is an uncontrollable smiling gesture linked to power and control.

“Someone who genuinely feels genuine emotions would not display this gesture in the way she does.”

He then alleged: “From my analysis, it appears that Julia is loving the attention from the media.”

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‘Not being consistent or truthful’

Darren then revealed how he thinks someone claiming to be a missing girl should be behaving, and pointed to “contradictory” displays in Julia’s behaviour.

He alleged: “She is displaying genuine joy and happiness in many of her posts. This is completely contradictory to the context of her situation.

“Surely a person who truly believes they are Madeleine would be more concerned about reuniting with their parents, rather than the media attention,” Darren speculated.

“I also do not see any gestures or behaviours in her body language that tell me she’s been consistent or truthful,” he said.

Perhaps most significantly, he added: “I do not believe Julia is Madeleine in terms of body language.”

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