Coronation Street: Split for Nick and Leanne after his lies are exposed?

3 Feb 2023, 21:00
3 Feb 2023, 16:08

Coronation Street, Leanne Battersby, Nick Tilsley

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street saw Nick forced to come clean to Leanne about drug dealer Harvey Gaskell’s involvement with the Bistro, and his part in Damon’s drug-dealing activities.

Leanne was furious with Nick for his dishonesty.

She immediately confronted Damon, threatening to call the police if he didn’t step back from the Bistro.

But this leaves her relationship with Nick in hot water.

Will Nick and Leanne split over his lies?

Nick dropped a series of bombshells on a stunned Leanne in tonight’s episode (Credit: ITV)

Sam’s friendship with Damon forces Nick to come clean

Scenes in tonight’s episode (Friday, February 3rd) saw Nick tell Leanne everything he has been up to in recent months.

This came as Sam got himself in hot water over a school bully.

Armed with advice from new pal Damon, Sam issued bully Connie a warning – that he’d wrap his telescope around her head if she didn’t back off and give back the magazine she stole from him.

After picking a bruised Sam up from school, Nick was furious at hearing that Damon had given the youth advice.

Leanne was baffled by his overreaction.

Is this the end for Nick and Leanne? (Credit: ITV)

Nick and Leanne to split after his lies are exposed?

While a shocked Leanne listened, Nick came clean over his involvement in Damon’s drug-dealing activities.

He told Leanne that he had taken money from Harvey Gaskell to help with the Bistro.

Then he revealed that Damon is none other than Harvey’s half-brother.

He admitted that he was helping Damon move drugs through the Bistro.

Damon is the half brother of killer Harvey Gaskell (Credit: ITV)

Leanne was incensed, storming out to confront Damon.

Damon stood his ground, telling Leanne that he would leave them and the Bistro alone after he and Nick had completed one last job.

Leanne then stormed away from Nick, leaving him in little doubt she wasn’t going to be quick to forgive.

So where does this leave Nick?

Is this the end for Nick and Leanne following his bombshell confession?

Can she forgive him? Or will they split?

Next week sees armed gunmen storm the Bistro, with Sam trapped inside.

Will this be the final straw for Leanne and Nick’s relationship?

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