Happy Valley finale: Bookies reveal odds on who dies – and who kills!

30 Jan 2023, 17:42

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We might already have our answer on what will happen in the Happy Valley series 3 final episode – as bookies have revealed the most likely ending from the most popular fan theories.

Viewers have circulated theories that go from Catherine killing Tommy Lee Royce, to Ryan killing his own father.

But the bookmakers have laid out the odds – and, no matter what, it looks like we have an exciting finale ahead of us this Sunday…

The odds are in Catherine’s favour to kill Tommy (Credit: BBC)

What happens to Tommy? Bookies reveal the odds…

According to SafeBettingSites, the most likely ending for Happy Valley’s finale will see Catherine finally kill Tommy.

They’ve placed even odds on Catherine finally putting an end to Tommy Lee Royce, who has been torturing her since series one in 2014!

This has been a popular theory ever since series 3 started too – but is it too obvious for creator Sally Wainwright?

Another popular theory was that the Knezevic brothers would kill Tommy, which SafeBettingSites have placed 10/1 odds on.

Tommy Lee Royce remains free from prison as we head into the finale (Credit: BBC)

Happy Valley series 3 final episode: Bookies put their faith in Tommy staying alive…

The second most likely outcome will actually see Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) stay alive, at 7/4 odds.

Throughout Happy Valley, Catherine has always chosen to keep Tommy suffering in prison rather than kill him.

At the end of series one, Tommy begged Catherine to kill him after he covered himself and Ryan in petrol.

Catherine definitely could have, but she chose not to. Will she make the same choice at the end of series 3?

Unless Catherine has no other option, we think she’d choose to keep Tommy alive and suffering rather than kill him.

So, do you agree with the bookies’ odds? Will we just see Tommy get thrown back into prison? (Hopefully without the Knezevics to help him escape again!)

Catherine has come close to death many times in Happy Valley… (Credit: BBC)

Happy Valley series 3 final episode: Will Catherine die?

If you’re one of the many fans who are worried that Catherine won’t make it out of the series alive – the bookies have placed the odds on that too.

They’ve placed the outcome that Tommy will kill Catherine at 10/1. So, while it is definitely not as likely as Catherine killing Tommy, it’s not as unlikely as some other popular theories!

We’d hate to see Catherine die, especially at the hands of Tommy Lee Royce.

But, with the constant references to Catherine’s “retirement” and these odds from the bookies, we’re getting more and more worried about her as we wait for the final episode…

Bookies have shared the odds of Ryan killing his father… (Credit: BBC)

What are the odds that Ryan will kill Tommy?

Another one of the most popular fan theories is that Ryan will take matters into his own hands and kill Tommy himself.

The bookies have placed the odds that Ryan will kill Tommy at 12/1, so not the most likely outcome!

Fans have picked up on clues like Ryan repeatedly saying “revenge is a dish best served cold” to point towards the theory that he might kill his father.

But Catherine has always feared that Ryan will become a killer like his dad Tommy, so we know she’d do anything to stop Ryan from becoming a murderer.

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Happy Valley series 3 final episode: What are the odds that Alison or Ann will kill Tommy?

The fan theory that Alison Garrs has returned to the show to kill Tommy Lee Royce has gained a lot of traction online lately.

But the bookies don’t seem to agree that Alison’s return will mean that she’ll finally put an end to the Happy Valley baddie.

They placed the odds at 33/1, so not a very likely outcome!

Ann is another fan favourite to get her revenge and kill her rapist Tommy and, after her passionate speech to Ryan in episode 5, it feels like she definitely has it in her.

But the bookies have placed this as the most unlikely outcome at 50/1.

We’d love to see Ann kill Tommy, it’d feel like a full-circle moment from when she hit him with that dumbbell in series one!

But it appears that the bookies don’t have the same vision.

A SafeBettingSites spokesperson said: “Ahead of the season three finale of Happy Valley, which will be the show’s last ever episode, viewers are all but wondering what will happen to the notorious Tommy Lee Royce.

“Catherine to kill Tommy is Evens, while he is 7/4 to stay alive.

“Meanwhile, Tommy to kill Catherine is 10/1, with Ryan 12/1 to turn on his dad and kill him.”

Happy Valley concludes on Sunday, February 05, 2023 with episode 6 at 9pm on BBC One. Episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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