Happy Valley fans have spotted a huge clue that Ryan will kill Tommy

29 Jan 2023, 19:41
29 Jan 2023, 18:15

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Happy Valley fans think they have spotted a huge clue that Ryan will Tommy at the end of the series and, we have to admit, the theory is looking pretty convincing!

As the fan theories for Happy Valley‘s ending pile up, the theory that Ryan will be the one to finally kill Tommy is gaining a lot of traction.

Read on to find out why viewers think they’ve spotted a clue that Ryan will kill his dad…

Ryan has visited his father Tommy in prison in series 3 (Credit: BBC)

Happy Valley: Ryan to kill Tommy?

In series 3, Ryan has twice said “revenge is a dish best served cold”.

And fans can’t help but think the repeated line must mean something, and that it will come up again.

We’ve seen Ryan (Rhys Connah) get closer to his father by visiting him in prison.

But some fans think he might even be playing the long game and plans to double-cross his father.

One fan tweeted: “I wonder if Ryan is playing a game to get Tommy back for all he’s done. Is that just too twisted? Twice he’s said “revenge is a dish best served cold”.

Another viewer agreed: “I think there’s more going on with Ryan visiting Tommy Lee Royce and his comment of “revenge is a dish best served cold” is definitely going to come to something.

“I’m hoping he’s on his granny’s side.”

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” is definitely going to come to something.”

Catherine said earlier in the series that Ryan could easily search everything that Tommy has done online, which is convincing some fans that he already has, and he IS playing the long game.

One viewer wrote: “I’m wondering if he’s playing his own long game and will off Tommy himself for his granny and dead mum – and aunt Ann Gallagher!

“He could google him like Catherine said.”

Viewers are expecting an ending where Ryan has to choose between Tommy and Catherine… (Credit: BBC)

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Ryan forced to choose between Tommy and Catherine?

Even if Ryan isn’t double-crossing Tommy, fans think Ryan will be forced to choose between Tommy (James Norton) and Catherine in the end.

One fan shared their theory: “I really think that Tommy Lee Royce is going to kill Catherine. And then Ryan will kill Tommy.”

Another viewer agreed: “Ryan will kill Tommy, in some scenario where he will have to choose between Catherine & Tommy Lee Royce.

“The ultimate Shakespearean test of loyalty.”

A third fan added: “Tommy will be about to kill Catherine. Ryan will defy Tommy and protect Catherine.

“He will be faced with a choice to kill Tommy or let him live, mirroring series one.”

We think Ryan killing Tommy could be a big full-circle moment for the show, so is this the ending we can expect?

We can’t wait to find out…

Happy Valley continues on Sunday, January 29 at 9pm on BBC One. Episodes are also available on iPlayer after airing.

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