Stacey Solomon admits ‘faking it’ and the thing she hides from her kids

14 Aug 2022, 09:00
12 Aug 2022, 14:59

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Stacey Solomon has four children of her own and is stepmum to husband Joe Swash‘s son Harry.

So. it’s safe to say that the Loose Women favourite has parenting sussed.

Except, Stacey being Stacey, she naturally doesn’t think like that.

In fact, in a recent chat with OK!, Stacey admitted to “faking it” and keeping secrets from her brood.

Stacey Solomon has admitted ‘faking it’ when it comes to her body image (Credit: YouTube)

Stacey Solomon on secrets from her kids

Everyone who follows Stacey on Instagram will know she’s an advocate for body positivity.

And she admitted that, just sometimes, she “fakes it” when it comes to her own feelings about her appearance.

Not only that, Stacey said she keeps how she really feels about her body to herself, with negative chat about her appearance strictly off limits in front of her kids.

Even if sometimes I’m faking it to make it, they’re constantly hearing me say I really love who I am.

“I’m careful how I talk about myself in front of the kids as they listen to everything. Even if sometimes I’m faking it to make it, they’re constantly hearing me say I really love who I am, and I accept who I am,” she said.

Stacey added that the reason she does this is because she hopes it will “help them feel the same way about themselves”.

Being a teenager is ‘hard’

She added: “But it is hard being a teenager, navigating this. I’ve got a teenage boy. People think this only happens to girls but it happens to boys too.”

Stacey commented that with boys a heart-to-heart about body image might be difficult.

However, she said it’s “more about those subliminal messages you put out there”.

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How many children does Stacey Solomon have?

Of course, Stacey is mum to Zachary, 14, Leighton, 10, Rex, three, and baby Rose.

She is also stepmum to Harry, husband Joe’s son.

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Body image is important to her, she admitted, because it has a “real effect on us”.

Not only that, Stacey said it affects the people around us and “the humans we’re raising”.

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