Jane McDonald addresses ‘looking rough’ and we’re here for it!

14 Aug 2022, 13:04

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Jane McDonald is a woman in the public eye – and also one of a certain age – which makes her a target for every Tom, Dick, Harry and his dog having an opinion on her appearance.

And all too often in these times of social media and the anonymity of keyboard ‘warriors’, those judgments can be unkind.

But if the trolls are expecting a rise out of our Jane, they’d better think again.

The Loose Women star appeared on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show earlier this year, where she chatted with presenter Gary Davies.

The 59-year-old was discussing her Channel 5 series, Jane McDonald’s Yorkshire, where she goes back to her roots and shares memories with her viewers.

Jane McDonald’s Yorkshire looked at the star’s favourite parts of the county (Credit: Channel 5)

The Wakefield native told Gary in February she travelled to different places that currently airing on Channel 5.

Jane McDonald on her appearance

Former cruise-ship singer, Jane said: “It’s the best job in the world. I have an amazing team who fly with me and we are like a little family.

“And it’s just the best job ever and I get to see all these amazing places and stay in these amazing hotels and I just have a really good laugh.

“I just really throw myself into being on holiday, I don’t do it for me obviously, I do it for the viewers.”

Gary laughed, and asked her what the similarities are between the Caribbean and Yorkshire.

Jane made her name as a cruise ship singer (Credit: Chanenl 5)

Jane replied: “None. Well, it did rain quite a bit though.

“I mean I looked so bad most of the time because I kept getting caught in the rain that my makeup and hair girls said, ‘Please don’t put my name on the credits’, because I looked that rough.

“I really did [look rough] but I am past caring now, I am really past caring.”

Jane, we love you!

Jane jokes about her weight

She previously apologised to a rickshaw driver when she visited Kolkata in India. In scenes that aired last month, she was seen looking embarrassed as she got onto the rickshaw – a cart pulled by a cyclist.

She said: “I’m so sorry, I should have not had that pudding last night.

“He’s going to have to pedal hard!”

Jane apologised for eating pudding (Credit: Channel 5)

Starting her rickshaw ride, Jane noticed her cyclist was struggling.

In the voiceover, she joked: “Okay, I’ll come clean, it was two puddings last night.”

She said in the show: “Oh dear, I’m too heavy for him.”

We’ll say it again, Jane, we love every single pound of you!

Cruising With Jane McDonald is on Channel 5 at 5.30pm on Sunday (August 14).

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