Charlotte Dawson shows off incredible three-stone weight loss after ‘going through hell’

14 Aug 2022, 14:45

Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson has stunned fans with the results of her three-stone weight loss.

The television personality is best known as the daughter of late comic Les Dawson.

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But while previously she has embraced a similar figure to her portly dad, now she has overhauled her lifestyle.

She told fans on Instagram: “I just feel so so proud of myself.”

Charlotte posted two pictures to the social network.

One of her in sleek gymwear and another before shot where she was bigger in a bikini.

She captioned the snaps: “My darlings … 2k21 V 2k22!! 😱.

“Literally canny believe the difference! My whole life has changed so much in that time.”

Charlotte added: “I know I looked like I was in a fab place on the left.

“But honestly a lot of the time I was just styling it out when inside I was feeling like [expletive] & going through hell.

“My health was really not in a good place at all – mentally or physically but I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything about it.

“It took that warning from the doctor – telling me I was in the diabetes danger zone – to get my act together and start doing something about it.”

Charlotte Dawson looks stunning now (Credit: Splash)

She added: “Hey am not saying how I am now is perfect but after starting exercising more and eating better I managed to shift over 3 stone of timber and turned those bad stats upside down.

“I finally feel confident & not pretending I am.. And I just feel so so proud of myself.”

Charlotte is now promoting her own ‘Belleh Blaster’ weight-loss plan so fans can share in her success.

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She added: “So if you’re feeling a bit down on yourself, don’t despair, you can deffo do it.

“Thousands of gals have joined me on the fitness journey now.

“And you deserve to give yourself that self care – even if you’re a mamma. Especially if you are. The carers need caring for too.”

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