The Next 365 Days: The trailer for the final Netflix film is here!

13 Aug 2022, 15:24

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The final instalment in Netflix’s 365 days film series releases this August and the trailer for The Next 365 Days is finally here!

The Polish erotica films rose to fame with the first 365 Days hitting screens back in 2020.

Netflix announced that The Next 365 Days would be the final instalment in the trilogy.

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What happens in The Next 365 Days trailer?

In the first 365 Days film, our main character Laura is kidnapped by mob leader Massimo and given 365 days to fall in love with him.

Romantic, right?

Well, Laura seems to think so as the two end up together at the end of the first film.

When we last saw them, Laura suspected Massimo of cheating on her so she started an affair with rival gang leader Nacho.

365 Days: This Day ended with Laura getting shot in the middle of a shoot-out between Massimo and Nacho, with her fate left on a cliffhanger.

Laura and Massimo reunite in The Next 365 Days trailer (Credit: Netflix)

But going off the trailer, she seems alive and well!

Blurb from Netflix describes the final instalment of the 365 franchise reads: “Laura and Massimo’s relationship hangs in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues while a tenacious Nacho works to push them apart.”

A previous teaser trailer for the film confirmed that Massimo’s twin brother, Adriano, is dead.

But knowing how bonkers these movies can get, there’s no doubt that this may not really be the case.

365 days: 2 left Adriano’s fate on a cliffhanger (Credit: Netflix)

The Next 365 days trailer

The trailer opens with Laura’s best friend Olga reminding her “that she almost died”.

Laura states: “I know it was difficult and you were worried about me but I got my second chance.”

Anna’s best friend, Olga, played by Magdalena Lamparksa, returns for the final film (Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, rival gang leader Nacho has returned and is attempting to woo Laura once again.

As Laura’s friends remind her: “Remember, a woman that only lives for her man will be unhappy forever.”

Tensions seem high between Laura and Massimo as Nacho meets her in a club.

Simone Susinna returns as Nacho in The Next 365 Days (Credit: Netflix)

As Nacho and Laura grow closer together, she says: “I need to figure out what I really want.”

Nacho and Laura share a tentative moment when he says: “You can’t run away from what you feel.”

A voiceover states: “If you love something just let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours forever.”

The trailer ends with a twist on Massimo’s famous line from the first film: “Are you back, baby girl?”

The Next 365 Days will be the last installment in the trilogy (Credit: Netflix)

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When is The Next 365 Days out?

The last in the 365 days trilogy will release on August 19 at 8am.

Fans are already building up the excitement for the movie in the comments for the trailer.

One fan comments pretty much what we were all thinking: “No plot whatsoever but I’m still going to watch it.”

Another adds: “I swear if she doesn’t end up with Massimo after everything, I’m gonna be mad.”

Well, we’ll have to wait and see. You can watch the trailer below, here!

The Next 365 Days premieres on Netflix on August 19 on Netflix.

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