Reason why next 12 months will be ‘very significant’ for Prince George revealed

13 Aug 2022, 12:00
12 Aug 2022, 13:41

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In the latest royal family news, it’s been reported that Prince George has a very important year ahead of him.

George turned nine last month (July 22) and a numerologist has claimed the next 12 months will be “very significant” for him.

Of course, George is the eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are also the parents of Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four.

Prince George with his parents and sister (Credit: Dutch Press Photo/Cover Images)

Royal family news: Transformation stage for Prince George

Speaking to Hello! about the numerical significance of Prince George’s ninth birthday, Sonia Ducie explained his date of birth and ninth birthday have the same numerology number.

This therefore represents a year of rebirth.

Numerology is the study of numbers and the belief that they represent events in one’s life.

Sonia said: “Little Prince George is growing up fast. From his Numerology Birth Chart, he’s already displaying charm, magnetism, a strong sense of inner authority, and is a clear narrator. He’s fun and playful, popular, with a creative, expressive impulse that lifts moods. He’s also sensitive, caring and kind.”

She added: “George’s age is a nine, which in numerology is the number for transformation and change, education, teaching and learning, and for George to hone in and express his passion for subjects at school, or his passions in life.

George should embrace tasks that challenge him and make him stronger in the long run.

“His Personal Year Number is a 35/8 and his Life Path Number is a 35/8 so it’s a very significant year for Prince George.”

The numerologist went on to explain that the numbers of his ninth birthday all add up to 35 and so do the numbers of his date of birth.

For example, his ninth birthday: 22+7+2+2+2 = 35 and his date of birth:  22+7+2+1+3 = 35.

She said this signals a “rebirth year,” for George.

And she said he needs to “embrace tasks that challenge him and make him stronger in the long run” – otherwise he might just get bored.

Prince George with his younger siblings at the Platinum Jubilee (Credit:

George ‘coming into his own’

Sonia also suggested that George’s intuition may have felt “razor sharp” on his birthday.

And that it was a very “inspirational date for love and bonding”.

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Summing up, it appears George is set for a “positive and uplifting” 12 months ahead.

She concluded: “He is coming into his own.”

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