Emmerdale: What’s wrong with all the men in the village?

12 Aug 2022, 22:48

David Metcalfe, Dr Liam Cavanagh, Emmerdale

Emmerdale is full of decidedly dodgy men at the moment.

For every Marlon Dingle or Paddy Kirk, you’ve got an Al Chapman or David Metcalfe.

It leaves us demanding to know what is wrong with all the men in Emmerdale?

Liam doesn’t want a wife – he wants an emotional support dog (Credit: ITV)

Liam’s treatment of Leyla

For a doctor, Liam Cavanagh is remarkably cold and unfeeling towards his wife.

Leyla, though annoying in her own right, dragged him back from the brink at considerable cost to herself, after the murder of his daughter Leanna.

But when Leyla fell apart after the stress of helping him became too much, where was Liam?

He disappeared and left her alone – even after she suffered a heart attack following a cocaine overdose.

What a delightful gentleman!

David’s taken Victoria’s future – and done one to Portugal (Credit: ITV)

David taking Vic’s money

The shock here being that David managed to remain faithful to Victoria for the time it took for the bank transfer to go through.

Seriously though – the shopkeeper runs his business into the ground and runs up thousands in debts.

He then manipulates Victoria into selling her son’s inheritance to pay off his debts. And then he disappears to Portugal to look after his ex who apparently has no support system over there despite living there for nearly a decade.

David isn’t a man – he’s a leech in an apron.

Kit cheating with Gabby and Laurel

It’s one thing to be young free and single and dating, but it’s quite another to be in a small village for work and bedding the first two women who take an interest in you.

Especially when they share a last name.

And double especially when you go from door to door in about 15 minutes to get your rocks off.

Honestly – MEN.

Al is quite a dreadful human being at the best of times (Credit: ITV)

Al Chapman in general

Do we even have to explain this one?

Al’s never been in a relationship he hasn’t wanted to destroy. And he’s never met another woman he hasn’t wanted to destroy and then sleep with.

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He is loathsome and we don’t know why he’s still in the village.

It’s not like anyone sane wants him there.

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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