Emmerdale fans spot clue proving Naomi was behind Nicola King’s attack

13 Aug 2022, 16:56

Emmerdale, Nicola King (51)

Emmerdale fans have spotted a clue that Charles Anderson’s daughter Naomi was behind Nicola King’s attack.

The barmaid made a shock return to the village this week for lunch with her brother.

Is Naomi one of the girls who attacked Nicola? (Credit: ITV)

She ended up ambushed by long-lost dad Charles and Manpreet after they discovered the clandestine meeting.

Naomi stormed out in a fury, insisting she wanted nothing to do with Charles.

However Manpreet followed her in the hopes of talking her round.

But it didn’t go as she expected.

Instead Naomi showed off her nasty side by bringing up Meena and questioning whether Manpreet was just like her killer sister.

Manpreet snapped and told her: “Right. If that’s what you really think then maybe you should go away.

“And, I don’t know, never come back…”

Emmerdale: Did Naomi attack Nicola King?

But then Naomi stepped to her and said: “Are you warning me off?

“I decide whether I get to know Charles and Ethan, not you. I don’t need your opinion. And you better remember that because I don’t take too kindly to people who interfere.”

Her flicker of rage has fans convinced she was involved in Nicola’s assault.

Businesswoman Nicola was set upon by a group of girls and left terrified.

Nicola was beaten unconscious by the gang in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Her attackers have yet to be caught but fans are sure Naomi is involved.

One said: “That confrontation there really confirmed my suspicions Naomi was involved in Nicola’s attack.”

A second said: “Makes you wonder if Naomi was one of the girls that attacked Nicola”.

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A third said: “That Naomi is a horrible character. She thinks the world revolves round her and it doesn’t.

“Why does she bother to turn up at the village her dad lives in and not accept that she might bump into him.

“Hope it was her involved in Nicolas attack.”

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