Ranvir Singh announces she’s set to be replaced on Lorraine next week

12 Aug 2022, 13:18

Christine Lampard, Lorraine, Lorraine Kelly, Ranvir Singh

ITV presenter Ranvir Singh will be replaced on Lorraine next week, as her time stepping in for the Scottish presenter comes to an end.

Lorraine Kelly, 62, is taking a summer break, so has had former Strictly star Ranvir take over for the past few weeks.

Next week, she will be replaced by another presenter, and fans seem to have enjoyed seeing her on the show.

At the end of today’s show, Ranvir announced: “That’s it from me for the whole summer. Christine [Lampard] is back here on Monday.”

Ranvir will be replaced next week (Credit: ITV)

Ranvir Singh on Lorraine

It comes after Ranvir received much praise from viewers of the show.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Have loved @ranvir01 on Lorraine this week. She is so ‘real’. Well done Ranvir.”

Meanwhile, another said: “Well done Ranvir on Lorraine. I remember the North West Tonight years. You’ve done well, young lady.”

A third wrote: “Ranvir literally glows when she hosts @lorraine! You can tell how much she genuinely enjoys it! So nice to see! #lorraine #summer.”

But although she had a glowing review from fans on her final day, Ranvir seemed to rub viewers up the wrong way earlier in the week. It was all down to one habit.

Ranvir Singh has stepped in for Lorraine (Credit: ITV)

People took to Twitter to vent about the way she talks over guests.

One social media user wrote: “Ranvir is just so frustrating always talking over the guests.”

Another agreed, saying: “As Ross King just said, ‘Ranvir Directing her own show’. Shouting over everybody as usual. Enough for me, Vine it is.”

Meanwhile, a third branded the host rude, saying: “Can you please give Ranvir something for verbal diarrhoea and compulsion to talk endlessly over guests then butt in. She’s rude.”

Madonna’s grills cause confusion

Ranvir, who celebrated her 45th birthday on the show yesterday, was also left baffled by Madonna’s new look which was shown during today’s Lorraine.

Speaking to LA correspondent Ross King, the pair discussed Madonna’s new fashion accessory.

Madonna shows off new grills to Jimmy Fallon (Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Fallon)

A short clip showed the Like A Virgin singer tell US chat show host Jimmy Fallon all about her new grills. Madonna said she had designed them herself for her birthday.

But the concept was lost on ITV host Ranvir. After it was shown, she said: “I’m so out of the loop, I thought you meant she bought herself a George Foreman!

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“I had no idea what you meant, I am not even kidding.”

She asked: “Braces, she’s given herself some braces?”

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