Naga Munchetty has BBC Breakfast viewers all saying the same thing about her appearance

12 Aug 2022, 16:36

BBC Breakfast, Naga Munchetty

Naga Munchetty had viewers all saying the same thing about her dress as she presented BBC Breakfast on Friday (August 12).

The presenter and journalist, 47, sported a chic bright orange dress with a collar, four pockets and brown buttons.

While Naga certainly looked gorgeous, many fans felt that her outfit looked like a waitress uniform.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: “#bbcbreakfast Why is Naga dressed like a waitress from a 1950’s American Diner?”

A second wrote: “Looks like they’ve pulled a waitress out of Naga’s Diner this morning to present #BBCBreakfast.”

“Naga Munchetty looking like a waitress in a diner #BBCBreakfast,” another commented.

Presenter Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt on BBC Breakfast (Credit: BBC)

Naga Munchetty’s dress today

And a fourth user tweeted: “@BBCBreakfast sorry to moan the waitress in orange uniform @TVNaga01 took my order for scrambled eggs on toast and mug of coffee and I’ve not seen her since… sorry Naga couldn’t resist it x.”

During the show, viewers also saw Naga engage in a conversation about the living cost crisis with MP Jonathan Reynolds.

However, many fans didn’t like how Naga questioned the labour MP.

The MP began: “We’ve been setting out for quite some time responses that match the scale of the crisis people are facing.

“In January this year, we were advocating for a windfall tax on oil and gas. Now clearly, what we’ve seen is the crisis has only got worse and the forecast, what it means for people has only got worse.

“We’re going to respond with interventions that make a difference to people. So as well as what we’ve already laid out with that windfall tax.”

Fans weren’t happy with the way Naga questioned the MP about the living cost crisis (Credit: BBC)

BBC Breakfast today

Responding to the MP’s claim that interventions to stop families from getting charged more will be worth about £200 extra by next year March, Naga said: “BBC’s research department took a look – if you look at this, actually, a prepayment customer would save £46 on this, it barely touches the sides whether it’s £200 or £46, does it?”

One person tweeted: “Here we go again #naga this time attacking the opposition for the crisis caused by the current govt #bbcbias #bbcbreakfast.”

However, another said: “Well done Naga. Your like a Rottweiler when you want those facts.”

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